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5G Technology to Construct a Fully Connected Smart World —— SIMCom Attended The Huawei Global Analyst Summit

2019-04-26 14:37:36

On April 16, Huawei held the 2019 global analyst summit in Shenzhen. 5G technology was undoubtedly the theme of this year's summit.


Since the second half of 2018, global 5G network construction has been accelerated further, and 5G has been under explosive development. Taking Huawei's best telecommunications infrastructure as an example, the company has signed more than forty 5G commercial contracts to deliver more than 70,000 base stations worldwide.


The reason for the boom in the 5G market lies in the implementation of business scenarios and the expansion of terminal markets. Targeting Internet of Vehicles and Industrial Internet of Things, 5G applications have been systematically launched and promoted on a large scale, thus dispelling people's doubts about the commercial application of 5G technology and increasing confidence. This has greatly increased the speed of maturity of the whole industry. This speed-up will eventually be reflected in the growth of the number of connections, including the increasing number of users. Currently, 5G technology is expected to be used by 500 million users in three years. It took 5 years for 4G technology to reach this number and 12 years for 3G. By 2025, more than 6.5 million 5G base stations will provide 5G access services to 58% of the world's population with 1.8 billion users.


On behalf of SIMCom, Dr. Lu Dingwei, Director of the Standardization and Certification Department, attended the summit. This industry expert who has been working in wireless communications for more than 15 years is not only one of the principal heads of SIMCom technology department, but also one of the main contributors to the GTI 5G Universal Module Program. As a participant in the development of 5G Universal Module Standards, Dr. Lu introduced the views of SIMCom, the world's leading wireless communication module company, on the 5G module solution itself and the development of the 5G module market, to the audiences at the summit:


“The design of 5G universal modules should always face seven directions:

First, the technology fragmentation brought by the evolving 3GPP standards;

Second, 5G networks are being tested and applied by operators all over the world;

Third, terminal applications in uncertain forms;

Fourth, accelerate the maturity of the industrial chain;

Fifth, simplify the design of terminal products;

Sixth, support commercial use at a lower cost;

Seventh, support terminal products to go to market.


The design goal for 5G universal modules is to adapt to various application scenarios and simplify the design of terminal products. This is of great importance to cope with the existing technological uncertainties and diversity of terminal demand, and it will play a key role in accelerating the maturity of industry and promoting 5G commercial application implementation”.



While Dr. Lu shared her views, SIMCom also presented its first 5G module: SIM8200G-M2. This module is based on Qualcomm SDX55 platform and supports Sub6G frequency band. Its uplink/downlink peak rate can reach 2.5Gbps/4Gbps. It is a flagship product with 5G communication capability and truly meets the 5G universal module standard.



From the perspective that the first 5G module of SIMCom adopts the M2 interface, which has been previously used with 3G and 4G applications, the wireless network adapter is probably the first terminal application of 5G technology for ordinary consumers to experience.



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