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SIMCom to Connect with Everything in the Future — SIMCom Partnership Meeting 2019

2019-04-26 19:12:47

It has been 15 years since SIMCom’s first independently developed GSM/GPRS module SIM100 was put into mobile communication. Thanks to the favor of our clients, SIMCom’s shipments ranked the first in Asia in the ensuing year.


Also, it has been 12 years since SIMCom started its work in 3G and introduced its first WCDMA module SIM 5210 and the first TD-SCDMA module SIM4100. In the ensuing year, thanks to all the support by SIMCom’s partners, SIMCom’s shipments reached over 10 million.


And 5 years have passed since SIMCom took the lead in launching the miniPCIE connector and module SIM7230E/SIM7250E that supports multi-band FDD-LTE. In the ensuing year, the shipments of cellular modules ranked highest globally.


On April 19th, 2019, SIMCom invited all the upstream and downstream partners and all of our clients, with whom we have cooperated for a very long time and established a relationship of mutual trust, to have a partnership meeting in the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao.



For the meeting, we not only invited Shenzhen Guomai Technology Group, Telepower Communication Co., Ltd. and other old friends that we have worked with for more than 12 years, but also invited CSG Smart Science & Technology Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. and other new partners. Our guests included clients working in direct selling such as Fujian LANDI Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances, Inc., and clients developing their sales via agents such as Huizhou TCL Communication Electronics Co. Ltd. and Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Our partners and clients work in various fields of expertise, ranging from AI related industries such as speech recognition, e-Payment and auto pilot to sectors that have evolved along with mobile communication technologies such as home appliances, security and protection, intercommunication and metering.



Li Bin, Board chairman of the Module Business Group of Sunsea AIoT Technology Co., Ltd., Yang Tao, President of Module Business Group of Sunsea AIoT and SIMCom, Li Yongsheng, Vice General Manager of SIMCom, Luo Xiaoyan, Vice General Manager of SIMCom, and Chen Liping, Vice General Manager of SIMCom were all present to meet with the heads of suppliers and clients.



Board chairman Li Bin first made a speech for the present partners. He said that for Sunsea AIoT, this year is not only a year of development, but also a year of products and we should keep improving our abilities to develop new products and make full use of our strength through cluster effect, so as to increase our speed to market for new products.  



CEO Yang Tao gave the speech titled “SIMCom to Connect with Everything in the Future”, expressing a sincere welcome and gratitude to all the partners. In the speech, Mr. Yang Tao introduced the accomplishments SIMCom achieved in the previous 2 years since it joined Sunsea Group. Mr. Yang also said that as we are approaching the second half of 2019 when the 5G license will be granted, the stimulus 5G brings to Internet of Things will reach a peak and the industries related to 5G, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence will experience an explosive growth, which will pose both an opportunity and a challenge for SIMCom and new ways of thinking will be necessary for such a new environment. Therefore, Mr. Yang proposed 4 responding strategies: 1) to strengthen the cluster effect, specifically, to establish a module business group and improve SIMComs development and innovation abilities; 2) to increase the investment, specifically, to improve research and developments efficiency and salesmen’s service abilities via strong capital support; 3) to develop new markets, increasing enterprises’ sensitivity and discovering the new industrial solutions and demands for application plans in the context of 5G; 4) to build a new ecosystem, specifically, to build a brand new ecosystem based on cloud module/AI module to provide more convenient and advanced plans for clients. At the end of the speech, Yang Tao expressed his opinion that SIMCom will start with 5G and AI to continuously enrich its abilities of research and development and to increase its service abilities. Meanwhile, we also hope to work with all the outstanding enterprises in all industrial chains so as to build a smart world that connects everything.


Next, Vice General Manager Li Yongsheng and Vice General Manager Luo Xiaoyan respectively introduced SIMComs most advanced product and technology and SIMComs constant effort in research and development to provide clients with faster, better connection technologies of higher quality. SIMCom started its research and development in 5G modules as early as 2017 and invested a large quantity of resources in an effort to enable SIMCom to survive the fierce competition in the market of telecommunication modules and to keep providing better services to clients and to create core powers with higher values. SIMCom participated in preparing China Mobile and GTI 5G S-Module standards in 2017. In todays partnership meeting, we released 12 new products with 5G modules at the center, including LTE-A/AI/LPWA/ in-vehicle module. They are:

Ø 5G module SIM8200-M2, with its uplink/downlink peak rate reaching 2.5Gbps/4Gbps, based on the Qualcomm SDX55 platform and supporting Sub6G frequency band;

Ø Automobile-grade module SIM 8100 used to realize C-V2X, which is designed for internet of vehicles, one of the scenarios with the highest requirements in the Internet of Things;  

Ø Cat.20 high speed module SIM7912G-M2 and Cat.6 high speed module that provide LTE-A communication abilities and evolve from 4G to 5G;

Ø LTE Modules SIM7906E-M2 and Cat.4 high-end LTE module SIM7600G-H that support all global mainstream frequency bands;  

Ø Smart module SIM8980\SIM8950\SIM8950L, with directional optimized design and higher cost performance, able to work with different terminal applications and fully unleash the product performance;


Ø Exquisite product mix with Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN): SIM7050C that simultaneously supports 2G and NB so as to dispel the worry that NB network might be left behind area network;  

Ø NB module SIM7060G integrated with GNSS chip, which enables terminals demanding positioning and tracking;  

Ø 7080G that supports eMTC & NB-IoT modules and SIM7070G supports eMTC & NB-IoT & GSM 3 modules.


SIMCom’s Vice General Manager Chen Liping and Marketing Director Tan Mengxi shared their detailed plans on SIMComs marketing management and branding operations: to strengthen the ties with partners and to further improve the reputation and influence of both parties. SIMCom next year will take proactive measures in establishing sales locations and sales teams around the world and an estimated 300% increase in personnel will be assigned to serving the clients and partners around the world. This year SIMCom will host over 30 exhibitions, summits and industry association events, which further shows the resolve in increasing the presence in the global market. While continuously advancing product quality and service, SIMCom will work with its partners to give a magnificent performance in the loT market.


In the meeting, Wang Enxi, President of Sunsea Bewinner, Wang Xueqiang, Vice President of Sunsea IoT, Doctor Xue Guodong, CEO of Ayla Sunsea and other executive team members also gave speeches on their cooperation with SIMCom in cloud+ terminal full-ecology solutions. From module to connection and to cloud platform service, Sunsea AIoT is able to provide a complete set of eco-chain service systems, and become an smart connection enabler to build smartly connected cloud platforms and take cloud platforms as the center to establish four “scenario-related” products: traffic module, general traffic, connecting and enabling set and one module with two-cards. We hope our efforts will provide clients with a good user experience of one-point connection and seamless switching. Sunsea AIoT is actively building its own AIoT technology innovation core abilities, block chain platform abilities, industry cloud platform abilities, cloud+ terminal Internet of Things comprehensive solution abilities and the combined abilities of new technology + new finance + comprehensive planning. By increasing its own strengths, Sunsea AIoT aims to provide stronger and more powerful technological support.


Sunsea AIoT ecosystem is an economic complex with common goals, consisting of chip providers, terminal providers, sales partners and other stakeholder enterprises. Sunsea hopes to build the Sunsea cloud+ terminal interest community of cooperation and ecology by open collaboration.  


In retrospect, from 2G to 3G and to 4G, with the support of upstream and downstream partners, SIMCom strived to explore and develop many new products and these new products enabled SIMCom to address the clients needs for newer, stronger and better communication abilities, so as to bring commercial success. 5G is thought to be the breakthrough technology from interpersonal communication to the internet of everything and it will bring more revolution and shake ups than the previous generations of communication technologies. It will also bring more influences on communication enterprises, markets and even the whole of society.


In a time like this, SIMCom meets with its partners and clients to have this partnership meeting and present outstanding contribution awards and best partner awards to the partners, as a gesture to express its gratitude for all the support and help in the previous 17 years. SIMCom sincerely hopes that we will keep working together in the future to achieve win-win situations. This partnership meeting is a ceremony to remember our efforts in the communication industry and also a starting ritual to reach for the new era of internet of everything, to build it and to serve for it. Starting from now, let’s work together and reach out to the marvelous future!

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