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SIM7600CE Brings the Smart Use of Electricity Closer to Us

2019-07-31 18:31:48

In 1821, Faraday invented the electric motor and became the father of all electric motors. In 1831, he built the world’s first power generator to generate a continuous current. Thereafter, the use of electricity spread like wildfire. The earliest power plant in China was the Shanghai Electric Company established by the British in Shanghai International Settlement in 1882. Nowadays, electricity has become indispensable in our life. We need it everywhere - lighting, transport, communication, cooking, recreation...




What would our life be like without electricity? Last week, a massive power outage hit the midtown and upper west side of Manhattan in New York, USA. About 40,000 customers lost power. Some local subway lines were suspended. Traffic lights were also affected, causing traffic jams at intersections. In a flash, people's life was plunged into darkness and chaos. This blackout lasted about 5 hours.


The 5-hour outage affected countless industries. How did it happen? According to local officials, the initial culprit might be a fire in a transformer caused by the high temperature. Is there anything that can be done to tackle such extreme weather events and ease the increasing strain on power resources? That should be the smart grid. As power grids develops people has experienced the increasing growth of electricity loads and the constant emergence of all kinds of new loads. Users now care more about power quality problems and have stricter requirements on energy conservation and emission reduction. More effective power monitoring and management solutions are needed to cope with the challenges posed by these changes, so that power distribution systems can run continuously, reliably and efficiently in low power consumption.


As an important part of smart grids, the Distribution Automation System is an integrated system for real-time monitoring of all kinds of equipment in the distribution network, where testing and measurement, failure detection and location, automatic control, planning, data statistics and management are all integrated. The system consists of a smart terminal information acquisition layer, communication network layer, SCADA monitoring layer, auxiliary decision-making layer and WEB publishing layer. With distributed and networked protection technology and high-speed optical network communication, quick decisions are made among DRTUs to locate and isolate feeder faults, and finally recover power supply in the local site layer, which further reduces the scope and duration of outages. Communication modules are essential in the process above, whose stable and fast communication capability ensures a timely and effective transmission of monitoring information. Simply put, data acquisition units in the system transmit data through the modules. When a fault occurs, the fault information is sent through the modules to the master station. Then the later identifies the fault point and the current condition according to the information received. At the same time, an alarm goes off to inform relevant staff to get to the scene immediately. Thanks to the information system and smart system, staff are able to find out the fault point quickly, which saves patrolling personnel and fault handling time, making power supply more reliable and stable.




SIMCom is working with a large domestic power company. Its SIM7600CE module has been successfully applied to the Distribution Automation System, helping realize the real-time monitoring and smart operation of electric power. What’s SIM7600CE? It’s a SMT module that supports such frequency bands as LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/HSPA+/TD-SCDMA/EVDO, GSM/GPRS/EDGE and LTE CAT4 (downlink speed: 150Mbps). With stable performance, small size and high cost performance, it can achieve SMS and data transmission in low power consumption. The dimensions of SIM7600CE are 30*30*2.9mm. Therefore, it is very suitable for all kinds of compact product designs and can meet a variety of customer demands. Imagine if a smart grid had been installed in New York City, wouldn’t the 5-hour outage have been effectively shortened?

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