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SIMCom: Safeguard Food Security Wholeheartedly

2020-01-03 10:17:32

Food is the most essential need of human beings, but food security is also the biggest issue nowadays. Research shows that food contamination and deterioration are the leading causes of disease and death. Public's awareness to food safety inspection make food safety testing one of the major industrial solutions. SimCom provides a food safety testing solutions which based on SIM7020C for beverages, liquid foods, food additives etc. 
As a novice in the communication technology of the IoT in recent years, NB-IoT has many advantages such as wide coverage, mass connections, lower power consumption, lower cost etc. The SIM7020C in this demo is a multi-band NB-IoT wireless communication module with 42 PIN LCC package. It has various hardware interfaces, including serial port, GPIO, ADC, etc., and has wide expansibility, which brings great convenience for product development. Compared with GSM, NB-IoT has strong gain and wide signal coverage. The module supports PSM and eDRX low-power modes. With only two AA batteries, it can last as long as 10 years theoretically. Moreover, the SIM7020 package is compatible with the SIM800C module, which shortens customer R&D time as much as possible for a faster market launch.
It is well known that cumulative oxidation with time is one of the main causes of food deterioration. For example, fruit juices and cooking oil change color, concentration and taste as a result of oxidation. Cooking oil contaminated or multiple-fried changes color and spectral lines. 
Food safety detection works in a way that visible light emitted by LED, after being filtered by colorimetric dishes, the visible part is absorbed. The sensor detects the spectral curve of the liquid. As different liquids have different spectral curves in the visible spectrum, the module detects the spectral data, uploads it to the Alibaba Cloud IoT platform through NB-IoT wireless communication module, and distinguishes the types through sample learning and cloud computing. 
Introduction of the composition of the demonstrated solution
LED: SUNLIKE Series of Seoul Semiconductor
There is a high-quality spectral output in the visible light range. The AMS sensor has 18 detection points from the visible light to near infrared part (400nm-940nm). The half-peak width of each wavelength is 20nm. 
It is a multi-band NB-IoT wireless communication module with various hardware interfaces, which gives the module wide expansibility. It is an ideal solution for low-latency, low-power, low-throughput applications. 
MCU: SAML21 of Microcore Technology MICROCHIP
SAML21 hardware architecture.
- Ultra-low power ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU architecture, running at a frequency of up to 48MHz; 
- The power consumption in the working mode is 35Ua/MHz, and the power consumption in the sleep mode is less than 200nA; 
- Integration of advanced analog peripherals, advanced PWM, flexible SERCOM, USB, hardware touch PTC encryption engine, etc. 
Hardware architecture diagram
Introduction of hardware encryption
Considering the security of IoT wireless transmission, we can add on Microchip's asymmetric encryption chip-ATECC608A to realize hardware encryption so as to ensure the security and reliability of data transmission. 
SAML21 software architecture. 
SAML21 supports a variety of network protocols such as TCP/IP and SSL, which can perfectly run on Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud etc.
An example of network data transmission
Lithium battery charge management chip: MCP73853. 
With modes such as trickle-down pre-charging, fast charging etc., the maximum current of fast charging can reach as high as 400mA. The temperature detection can automatically cut off power if the temperature is too high. 
Solution data flow
Users can set the parameters, spectral data and waveform curves of the NB-IoT wireless communication module through the software tools developed by Excelpoint, an agency of SIMCom. The software can also match with the local numerical control database in the sample similarity, and the results can be returned to the module after similarity calculation with the database in the user server through TCP/IP. It is then sent to the Alibaba Cloud IoT platform through the SIM7020C communication module. Users can also use the payment calculation function of Alibaba Cloud IoT platform for calculation results. 
Data flow chart
Alibaba Cloud IoT platform can record historical data and matching results.
The application scenarios supported by NB-IoT usually have features of low speed, high latency, low frequency and weak mobility, which is aligned with all aspects of daily lives. The application in the fields of industry, agriculture, environment, transportation, logistics, security and other infrastructure effectively promotes the intelligent development respective areas. Limited resources can be utilized and allocated in a more reasonable manner, which in turn improves the efficiency of the areas. The application in home, medical and health care, education, finance, teriary industry, tourism and other fields closely related to life have been greatly improved in terms of service scope, mode, quality, etc. which enhance people's quality of life.

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