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Working hours: Monday to Friday Related benefits: five social insurance and housing provident fund/traffic allowance/communication allowance/meal allowance/overtime allowance/birthday gift/annual employee physical examination/annual travel/ year-end bonus, etc.


Regional Sales Manager


We need several regional sales managers.

São Paulo, Brazil * 1

Warsaw,Poland * 1

Gdansk,Poland * 1


1. Responsible for region sales task, agent management, order processing, etc.

2. Responsible for the internal communication of the overseas sales team, including daily communication, product status update, data analysis, document writing, etc.

3. Responsible for collecting market information, communicating with relevant internal teams, promoting project research and development, testing and product functional support.

4. Responsible for ODM project evaluation, business contract signing, internal team communication and coordination for major clients.

5. According to the market and customer project status, make business trip plans, and participate in exhibitions, seminars and visits to key customers from time to time.



1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication, electronics or marketing, 3-5 years of sales experience in electronics or related industries.

2. Cellular communication and GNSS related technical background is preferred.

3. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

4. Independent business contract drafting and order processing experience,

5. Fluent English is a plus.

According to the needs of work, can accept the annual 2-3 months of irregular overseas travel.


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