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SIMCom NB-IoT Module SIM7020G helps Smart Helmet Facilitates Aerial Work

2020-11-06 15:44:09

As construction industry booms, buildings are designed higher and the number of high-rise merchants and residents increases. Derived from such changes, more aerial workers appear, such as installers for security windows and air conditioners, cleaners for high-rise buildings, construction workers, etc. Helmets/safety hats became necessary in these working sites.

SIMCom and its partners have developed a new smart helmet solution that secures the safety of aerial work. By adding a NB SIM7020G module to a traditional safety helmet, it can check the position and attendance of workers in various industries, such as food delivery, construction, mining, energy and power inspection, etc.

Accuracy in Position and Attendance Checking

All construction sites today implement strict safety measures that acquire each worker to wear a helmet. The module of the smart helmet will start to collect information once a worker starts working in it. Through the module, his real-time position and duration in a place will be fully sent to the backend, where a detailed attendance record is generated. Moreover, when accidents such as building collapses and mine explosions happen, the module’s signal can quickly position trapped personnel, increasing rescue rates. Signal codes on the helmet can also help rescuers to swiftly learn a trapped person’s identity.

Prolonged Battery Life

Since workers may forget to charge their devices after busily working for a day, long battery life is a must. SIM7020G is a module with low power consumption and long battery life. A worker will only need to charge the helmet to full when resting and the device will last for a long time.

Warning Alert

A helmet works only when it’s worn properly. Unfortunately, many workers fail to do so at work due to negligence. This helmet can play safety alert when it opens and make warning sounds when a user does not wear it properly.

About SIM7020G

SIM7020G is a multi-band NB-IoT wireless communication module, with 42 PIN LCC packaging and many hardware interfaces. Its high scalability makes it extremely convenient. Compared to GSM, SIM7020 has a stronger gain and a larger signal range, capable of wireless telecommunication in basements. Therefore, it remains active in signal reception whether a worker is up in aerial platforms or down in mines. The module also supports PSM (Power Saving Mode) and eDRX (Extended Discontinuous Reception) modes.

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