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A Smart Helmet solution based on SIMCom SIM8950LH module

2020-12-03 15:19:18

With the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization, the construction industry is mushrooming. The massive construction of residential areas, factories and commercial buildings has created lots of jobs and stimulated economic development. However, construction is also a high-risk industry. Since there are many scaffolds and debris on construction sites, risks such as falling objects from high altitude may happen from time to time.

Now according to the technologies such as IoT/spatial positioning/mobile communication/cloud computing/big data, it is possible to provide enterprises with integrated smart helmets featuring positioning, sensing, early warning, and audio-video communication, which may facilitate development of the construction industry. SIMCom and its partners have jointly launched a smart helmet solution which based on the smart module SIM8950LH.

Based on SIMCom’s SIM8950LH module, this smart helmet integrates HD video recording, audio, positioning, lighting, alarm, laser indication, and external real-time communication on construction sites, having effectively helping managers in remote management. When people wearing the helmet are on construction sites, the helmet-mounted cameras take HD pictures of the scene and transfer them back to the back office through modules, providing a data basis for decision makers in remote meetings; moreover, the direct communication with on-site personnel on identified problems enables emergency dispatching, remote command, etc., which offers more efficient and safer project management.

About SIM8950LH

SIM8950LH is a complete multi-band LTE FDD / TDD / TD-SCDMA / DC-HSPA + / HSPA / UMTS / EVDO / EGDE / GPRS / GSM / GNSS module with a powerful processor that allows customers to benefit from compactness and low cost, thus being considered a product solution with high efficiency, low power consumption and high throughput.

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