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SIMCom Works with AI Driving and SHOWMAC on AI Driver Monitoring Solutions

2021-04-07 17:08:16

Drowsy driving is a traffic safety hazard worthy of high vigilance. The accident rate is extremely high. It is as dangerous as drunk driving. In drowsy driving, the driver shows signs such as blurred vision, waist and back pain, inflexible movements, swollen hands and feet or lack of concentration, slow reaction, absent-mindedness, distraction, anxiety, and impatience and so on. If the driver continues to drive, an accident may occur. According to incomplete statistics, traffic accidents caused by drowsy driving on expressways account for about 25% of the total, and more than 35% of the serious traffic accidents. According to the data released by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), 65% of impending crashes are caused by the driver’s negligence during the 3 seconds before the accident.



The AI driver monitoring system can monitor the driver’s fatigue state and driving behavior all day long in the driving process. When the driver is found to be tired, yawning, squinting or showing other signs of drowsy driving, the warning system will analyze such behaviors in a timely manner and provide voice and light prompts to remind the drivers in time and avoid accidents.



An AI driver monitoring solution developed by SIMCom in collaboration with AI Driving and SHOWMAC is a new-generation intelligent device integrating active safety, drowsy driving monitoring and 4G video. It supports 8 intelligent HD cameras. With the built-in SIMCom 4G module SIM7600G-H, the device offers image capture at any time to ensure that the driver's facial features and body images are captured in all kinds of environments around the clock, and realize real-time all-round monitoring and tracking of the driver and passenger's condition, road condition, vehicle condition, vehicle load and cargo condition, so as to ensure driving safety to the greatest extent.



Meanwhile, SIMCom works with SHOWMAC. The 4G module SIM7600G-H with the built-in SHOWMAC eSIM doesn’t need a real SIM card, effectively saving space and material costs. With strong adaptability to the environment, it can automatically switch to the optimal carrier network. Data transmission failure won’t happen due to the bumpy road or high and low temperatures, ensuring the effectiveness of data transmission. The module is also equipped with GPS/BDS to achieve accurate vehicle locating.




SIM7600G-H can quickly upload the driver's facial features, eye signals, head movements and other information captured by the camera to the background management platform for real-time monitoring of the driver's fatigue state. When drowsy driving and other dangerous behaviors are detected, the system will send out alarm prompts and take corresponding measures to effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents.

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