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Global leading supplier of M2M modules and solutions

Founded in 2002, SIMCom has been committed to providing a variety of cellular wireless modules and solutions including 5G, 4G, LPWA, LTE-A, smart module,automotive module, 3G, 2G and GNSS for 20 years. There are five R&D bases in Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Xi'an and Shenyang cooperating closely, with the world's leading experimental equipment and R&D environment. The 5G laboratory covering an area of more than 5000 square meters is equipped with a full set of 5G R&D equipment and testing instruments.The sales network of SIMCom has spread over more than 180 countries serving more than 10,000 industrial customers. + Learn more
SIMCom laptop solutions
The 5G laptop adopting SIM8260C-M2 can network automatically so that people are able to deal with their works everywhere. Much of the computing is delivered to the cloud through 5G networks, making laptops lighter and thinner. With faster data rate and lower latency, 5G brings laptop unprecedented using experiences.
SIMCom automotive solutions
SIMCom automotive products are in strict accordance with the standards of the industry to ensure stable and reliable connectivity with powerful anti-interference capability in a harsh environment. The product line follows the latest technological developments,including 4G thin modem, 4G SOC, C-V2X, 5G thin modem and 5G SOC. The typical products such as smart module SIM8970 series, C-V2X module SIM8100, are mainly used in applications such as T-Box and smart cockpit.
SIMCom networking solutions
The 5G modules SIM8200 series of SIMCom provides users with long-distance data transmission capability via 5G/4G/3G network. The industrial router based on the 5G modules supports data transparent transmission with high transmission rate and security, which brings capability of express 5G networking to the industries like smart transportation, environment monitoring, wireless surveillance, industrial big data transmission, smart finance, smart grid and smart hydraulic engineering etc.
SIMCom smart metering solutions
SIMCom is deeply engaged in the smart metering industry. The NB-IoT modules represented by SIM7070 series has faster data rate, wider coverage and more accurate positioning capability. It supports multiple kinds of meters to transit data for power grid, water, gas and heating enterprises so as to achieve the goals of remote metering, dynamic monitoring and optimal distribution of resources.
SIMCom smart surveillance solutions
The 5G-AIOT edge computing terminal adopting SIM8200EA-M2 has powerful video processing capability and can transmit ultra-high-definition video data at a high rate, making surveillance terminals much easier to deploy. With a wide security monitoring range, multidimensional monitoring data and faster remote control, 5G-AIOT edge computing terminal shows powerful capabilities of proactive warning, prevention and prediction.
SIMCom IIoT solutions
Supported by the compact-size 5G module SIM8202G-M2, the industrial gateway is easy to be integrated in the terminal devices. It supports high-speed and stable data transmission, real-time analysis and smart processing. The Industrial standard design brings it impressive robustness which enables it to adapt to different industry scenarios, such as AGV , robotic inspection and so on.
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