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2020-03-01 16:41:34

NCC is the abbreviation for the National Communications Commission of Taiwan (NCC) and is also the name of wireless communications certification under its control. In response to the development of global digital convergence and supervision innovation trend, as well as the integration of dispersed communication and dissemination, the government proposed establishing the telecommunications information dissemination integrated supervisory agency during the 8th Electronic, Information and Telecommunications Strategy Conference (SRB Conference) of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China in 1998. The two bills to establish the NCC, the Fundamental Communications Act and the Organic Law of the National Communications Committee, were passed on Jan. 7, 1993 and Nov. 9, 1994 respectively. The NCC was officially established on Feb. 22, 1995.

The NCC requires all telecommunications terminal equipment, low-power radio frequency motors and telecommunications-regulated radio frequency equipment to be formally approved before being sold in the market.

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