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SIMCom Online Summit “5G accelerates economic growth, Cat. 1 help to deploy New IoT” Is Held Successfully

2020-05-26 10:30:00

On May 20, SIMCom Online Summit “5G accelerates economic growth, Cat. 1 help to deploy New IoT” was held successfully as scheduled. It was attended by SIMCom CEO Yang Tao, EVP Li Yongsheng, VP Luo Xiaoyan and other core senior management members. With participation and support from CAICT, Qualcomm, China Mobile OneNET, GSMA, ASR Microelectronic, Sunnyway Technology, Ayla Networks, and other allies and media in the industry, the summit attracted more than 2,000 people to attend.

SIMCom CEO Yang Tao first shared SIMCom's comprehensive strategic plan. Mr. Yang said that 2020 is a golden year for the development of 5G-based IoT. With the deployment of new capital construction in China, IoT will have a rapid development. 2020 is also a team building and branding year for SIMCom. As an old brand with 18 years of vitality, SIMCom has topnotch talents who have been leading development and innovation in the module industry. 2020 will be a big year for SIMCom. SIMCom will continue to inject fresh blood, deepen product planning, increase investment in research and development. SIMCom wants to build win-win cooperation with customers.

In 5G Era, NB-IoT, 4G (LTE cat.1) and 5G will develop in a coordinated way. Deputy Chief Engineer Mr. Shi Denian from CAICT said that new capital construction proposed in China can effectively boost technological innovations and breakthroughs, and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. It determines China’s level of innovation and quality of economic development, and supports the construction of a modern economic system. New capital construction will also be a key support for the development of digital economy.

Qualcomm senior product manager Yang Siyun shared, in the future, 5G will be as ubiquitous as electricity, becoming a universal technology that will build billions of connections and create a new world. Qualcomm is working with partners to promote 5G. As is one of the first partners to receive Qualcomm 5G Licenses, SIMCom has maintained close cooperation with Qualcomm for a long time. SIMCom has launched NR modem-Snapdragon X55-based SIM8200EA-M2 and SIM8200G, which is 3G /4G / 5G multimodes and supports 5G NR sub-6ghz frequency band at the same time. They can be used in CPE, video surveillance, industrial gateways, intelligent vehicle-mounted devices and other fields. 8300G-M2 that supports MMW is coming soon.

China Mobile OneNET Module Department’s deputy general manager Li Wei said ,by the end of 2020, universal coverage of NB-IoT networks should be achieved in major urban areas at and above county level and deep coverage should be achieved in importation regions; the number of IoT connections should reach 1.2 billion; the price of NB-IoT modules should approach that of 2G modules; new IoT terminals should upgrade to NB-IoT and Cat1.

With favorable policies and stimulating demand, Cat.1 and NB-IoT will usher in a boom. Mr. Feng Zilong, senior director of research and development of ASR, said that Cat.1 is gaining momentum; ASR will continue to launch a full range of most cost-effective chip solutions. SIMCom has long been ready for Cat.1,it has recently launched the minimal module series A7670X, which are compatible with 2G/3G/NB and can realize seamless upgrades, as well as the module series A7600X-xx, which cater to the needs of specific customer segments and effectively save costs. In addition, recently SIMCom SIM7600A has got certified by Rogers and successfully earned the permit to enter the Canadian market.

For this summit, we also invited Ayla Networks CEO Mr. Liu Yulong. He mentioned that Ayla Networks was founded in 2010. It is a global agile AIoT platform originated from Silicon Valley in the United States and rooted in China. With research and development centers in five continents and world-leading cloud services, Ayla Networks is the first to construct an AloT 15+ N product optimization ecological platform. Following a strict quality control and delivery system, it helps global users achieve risk-free, development-free, short-time, personalized, high-standard quick completion of AloT products and industry one-stop cloud + terminal solutions. SIMCom is an important cloud + module strategic partner of Ayla Networks.

SIMCom EVP Li Yongsheng said SIMCom has developed complete and rich product lines to meet different needs of customers. NB-IoT SIM7070G and SIM7020G modules significantly reduce the standby power consumption of IoT and improve the sensitivity and coverage of signal reception. NB-IoT SIM7070G and SIM7020G have been extensively applied in fields such as smart water meters, smart gas meters, electric vehicle monitoring, and continuously penetrating pipe network monitoring, power grid circuit breakers and other industries. SIM7020G has been certified by T-mobile, making its scope of application further expanded. At the same time, Mr. Li said that IoV is the most promising application scenario with the development of 5G. SIMCom’s vehicle-mounted modules, from the original SIM7800 to the current 5G+C-V2X SIM8200X, performance has been continuously improved and optimized. In terms of smart modules, SIMCom provides different levels of smart modules, including entry-level SIM8905X and SIM8906X, multifunctional SIM8950LH, and higher-level SIM8980X.

Antennas are indispensable for modules to transmit and receive data. The summit also invited the famous IoT antenna supplier Sunnyway Technology to share their 5G module antenna design. Sunnyway Technology CTO Zhou Yunfeng said that 5G further broadens the frequency band on the basis of 4G, so 5G requires more antennas than 4G; 4G adopts main antenna & diversity antenna design, while 5G adopts MIMO design. The number of antennas has greatly increased. Therefore, the positions and shapes of antennas need careful design to achieve good effect.

At last, SIMCom VP Luo Xiaoyan shared SIMCom’s key to success over the past 18 years. Solid strengths, unremitting efforts and 18 years of persistence have forged today’s SIMCom. At present, SIMCom owns 3 research & development bases, more than 50% of research & development personnel, 15+ years of research & development experience and world-class experimental equipment. With the help of new technology, SIMCom is sure to win a new future.

For more info, please visit SIMCom Official Website www.simcom.com.

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