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A Smart Network Monitoring System of Fire Extinguisher based on SIMCom module

2020-12-31 15:11:06

Fire is one of the most common and dangerous disasters in our daily life. Increased urbanization leads to further expansion of urban population and an increasing number of high-rise buildings. High-rise buildings with multiple floors, dense vertical tube wells, complex functions, dense popularity and large fire loading are likely to cause large areas of smoke and three-dimensional fire, which pose serious challenges to fire prevention and fire rescue. In the event of a fire in a high-rise building, nothing extinguishes the fire more effectively than the internal firefighting facilities before the firefighters arrive.

But, more often than not, when there is a fire, the fire extinguisher people find nearby turns out to be ineffective. Expiration, rust and lack of pressure are some of the common causes of ineffective fire extinguishers. Sometimes people can't even find the exact place where the fire extinguisher is placed. With the advancement of science and technology, technical means including sensors, Internet of Things, cloud platform, mobile internet are available. This has enabled online monitoring of fire extinguishers and built a smart networking monitoring system platform.

On the smart network monitoring platform of fire extinguisher, with SIMCom’s NB-IoT module E7025, it can realize real-time monitoring of fire extinguisher’s pressure, temperature, location and other information, and send the data to the cloud platform for remote management through WEB management terminal or mobile APP. This will ensure that the fire extinguisher is functioning properly, and that the on-site personnel have the reliable fire extinguishing equipment to put out the fire in time, eliminating the fire at the initial stage so as to avoid major disasters. Meanwhile, with feedback collected by E7025, it implements product life-cycle management of the fire extinguisher, makes proper maintenance plan, automatically reminds the fire management personnel to carry out maintenance upon expiry, and record and archive maintenance operations, truly integrating human and technical prevention, ensuring fire safety with a two-pronged approach.

Meanwhile, it can continuously monitor the pressure of the fire extinguisher; enable PC and APP remote monitoring and issue alarm for abnormality, which will put an end to problems including overdue service, unnoticed rust and damage, failure of timely replacement after using the fire extinguisher. Furthermore, positioning of fire extinguisher makes it easy to find the fire extinguisher in time. Remote alarm is applicable when abnormality in location is detected.

About E7025

The E7025 is a NB-IoT module with 58 PIN LCC+LGA package. It features a rich set of interfaces and great extensibility, which is the optimal solution with low latency, low power, and low throughput applications. The E7025 is very suitable for IoT applications such as meter, remote control, asset tracking, remote monitoring, telemedicine, bicycle sharing, etc.

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