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SIMCom and Haier Biomedical Achieve Strategic Cooperation to Boost Biomedical AIoT

2021-05-11 15:42:09

On April 27, SIMCom and Haier Biomedical reached a strategic cooperated agreement that will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of biomedical IoT.

At the signing ceremony, SIMCom representatives said that biomedical IoT is one of the important application scenarios for IoT, and an important step to improve the medical level. Haier Biomedical is the leading provider of integrated solutions for IoT biosafety in China. Based on IoT products, it provides rich IoT biosafety scenario solutions for blood safety scenarios, vaccine safety scenarios, sample safety scenarios, drug and reagent safety scenarios, etc. As the world's leading M2M module and solution provider, SIMCom has rich development experience and resources. 

SIMCom and Haier Biomedical will work together to provide an important path for the transformation and upgrading of WITMED by complementing each other's advantages. At present, the whole society is focusing on COVID-19 prevention and control, and vaccines have become the most effective and economical means. However, vaccine development is only the first step. Vaccine transport, storage and vaccination should not be ignored. The innovative combination of IoT and cryogenic storage technology enables information traceability throughout vaccine transport, storage and vaccination, ensuring the safe use of vaccines and other biomedical products and facilitating epidemic prevention and control.

Haier Biomedical has conducted thorough research in the field of biomedical IoT and launched IoT scenario solutions such as the biological sample network, intelligent vaccine network, intelligent blood network, drug and reagent network, automatic cryogenic biological sample database, which can ensure the efficient transport, storage and use of medical resources, including vaccines, blood and biological samples. SIMCom has complete product lines including 5G, 4G, CAT.1, NB-IoT and so on. Its products have excellent technology and a good reputation. In the future, the two sides will jointly create biomedical AIoT scenarios.

In this strategic cooperation, SIMCom and Haier Biomedical will jointly explore the global market, enable the development of WITMED with a new resource sharing mode, and jointly create a convenient, sound and efficient biomedical IoT system.

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