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SIMCom 5G MMW CPE Enables the “Last Mile” High-Speed Internet Access for Japanese Apartments

2021-05-11 15:56:51

As of Oct. 2020, there were 130 carriers worldwide investing in 5G MMW technology. 5G MMW technology is already in use in the United States, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia.

MMW construction in Japan is proceeding rapidly. Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports that Japan plans to develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve a post-5G (6G) technology with communication speeds more than 10 times faster than 5G by 2030 through cooperation between the government and the public. The residential network is an important part of the network layout. How to realize fast Internet access in dense residential buildings is a big problem.

Recently, Kansai Electric Power Company conducted a FWA experiment in Osaka. FWA CPE with SIMCom 5G MMW module SIM8300G-M2 was used in the experiment. The experiment was carried out in a four-storey apartment building in Japan. A small 5G MMW base station was installed on a telegraph pole about 6 meters high near the apartment building. 5G CPE for receiving signals was placed in the apartment building about 10 meters away. In the experiment, at the frequency of 28G Hz and the bandwidth of 100MHz, communication speed of the CPE near the wireless station reached 700Mbps~800Mbps maximum and 150Mbps minimum under extreme and good conditions.

This 5G CPE is a new product jointly launched by SIMCom, Seiko Solutions Inc (SSOL) and SIM Technology on Feb. 19 this year. At present, it has passed various MMW tests in Japan.

The success of this experiment attracted extensive attention. Nihon Keizai Shimbun gave it a lot of coverage. Major brand carriers gave recognition to its results. Mainstream media believe that 5G MMW CPE will become a star product along with the construction of 5G base stations and the use of 4G across Japan. It will be widely used in residential communities and all sectors in Japan to effectively improve the last mile Internet access problem.

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