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To Make 5G Benefit All, SIMCom Launches New-Generation 5G Products

2021-05-31 15:40:05

On May 24th, Global leading IoT module and solution supplier SIMCom launched two modules SIM8210C and SIM8210C-M2 that support the 5G independent networking (SA) mode. The two modules specialized for data application scenarios with higher cost performance will better empower thousands of industries.

SIM8210C and SIM8210C-M2 are 5G communication modules developed based on the Qualcomm 315 5G IoT modem. They support 5G NR /LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD band and comply with R15 protocol, with a maximum rate up to 1.5Gbps. Both modules support GNSS and FOTA to meet customer demand for positioning and upgrading. Meanwhile, they have various interfaces, including PCIe, USB3.1, GPIO, etc., with powerful scalability.

SIM8210C  Compatible with SIM8200G

SIM8210C adopts the LGA package. The dimensions are 43.6*41mm. Its package and software instructions are completely compatible with SIM8200G.

SIM8210C-M2 Compatible with SIM8200EA-M2

SIM8210C-M2 adopts the M2 package. The dimensions are 52*30mm. Its package and software instructions are completely compatible with SIM8200EA-M2, which enables customers to quickly switch according to their application needs.

SIMCom board chairman Yang Tao says: “the 315 5G IoT modem and RF system launched by Qualcomm will accelerate the application of 5G in IoT and empower more ecosystems. The latest 5G modules of SIMCom are equipped with the Qualcomm 315 modem, effectively overcoming the high cost of 5G modules. They can accelerate the in-depth application of 5G in industrial IoT and accelerate the digital transformation of the 5G IoT sector.”

Qualcomm Vice President of Product Marketing Sun Gang says: “the Qualcomm 315 5G IoT modem is designed with industrial and enterprise application needs in mind from the outset. Characterized by leading gigabit performance, low power consumption and efficient heat dissipation, it’s a new-generation IoT solution with high speed, powerful functions and superior performance. We are pleased to support the SIMCom 5G modules SIM8210C-M2 and SIM8210C with this solution, so as to meet the needs of industries such as energy, automation and manufacturing, precision agriculture, construction, mining and public venues, thereby creating a connected society.”

About SIMCom

SIMCom Wireless Solutions Limited (SIMCom) is a global leading designer and manufacturer of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless modules and solutions. As a key player in IoT ecosystem, SIMCom has established long-term partnership with hundreds of Strategic Partners、customers and agents. SIMCom’s products have been widely recognized worldwide with more than 200 million annual shipments. More info, please visit www.simcom.com.

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