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SIMCom Launched a New Ultra-Small CAT. 1 Module A7680C

2021-05-31 16:33:01

With the gradual exit of 2G/3G, CAT.1 has gradually become the new favorite in the IoT market with its perfect LTE network deployment and high cost-effectiveness. On the basis of its existing CAT.1 modules, SIMCom launched a new ultra-small A7680C CAT.1 module to inject new impetus into the development of the IoT market.

Ultra-Small Size

Compatible with mainstream 2G products

A7680C is an ultra-small LTE CAT. 1 module that adopts LCC+LGA package and targets the Chinese market. The dimensions are 17.6*15.7*2.1mm. Its super small size and thickness provide more design space for terminal devices and improve design flexibility for small-sized products.

The accumulative shipment of classic SIMCom 2G modules SIM800C and SIM868 has exceeded 100 million pieces. They are widely used in all sectors, leading the mainstream size and package of 2G modules. The package of A7680C is compatible with classic 2G modules SIM800C and SIM868, making it convenient for customers to smoothly switch to LTE products quickly and easily with the exit of 2G/3G.

Remarkable Performance

Rich interfaces, multiple protocols, low power consumption and long battery life

A7680C has rich hardware interfaces, such as UART, GPIO, and USB, giving it flexible scalability. Its software supports mainstream system drivers. The built-in network protocols include TCP/UDP/IP/IPV4 / IPV6 / MuPDP/FTP/HTTP/DNS/MQTT, etc. It can be open to mainstream cloud platforms, making it convenient for customers to quickly connect to the Internet.

A7680C is optimized in terms of power consumption and supports the low-power mode to increase the battery life of terminal products as much as possible.

Cost Advantage

A7680C uses the 3rd-generation CAT1 platform ASR1603. A number of performance and cost optimizations have been made for medium-speed and low-speed IoT applications. At the same time, A7680C gives full consideration to material cost and supply chain condition in design, which makes the module extremely competitive in the market.

Application Scenarios  

Trackers, Wearables and Shared Devices


With its small size, low power consumption, low cost and multiple functions, A7680C is widely used in asset tracking, wearable devices, industrial DTU/RTU, shared devices, financial payment and other products and fields.

Person from ASR said, the new A7680C launched by SIMCom this time is a CAT.1 module that adopts the ASR1603 platform and 22nm process. Its power consumption and area are extremely advantageous. As an important strategic partner of ASR, SIMCom has always been at the forefront of the industry. From the ASR1601 platform to the present ASR1603 platform, the two sides have always maintained good communication and cooperation, using the strengths of both sides and working together to help customers and enterprises promote the rapid implementation of projects. The modules launched so far can be applied to a variety of scenarios, promoting the rapid development of IoT.

Customers’ Opinion: SIMCom modules have always been reliable. The small A7680C is pin-to-pin to SIM800C and SIM868 modules. It can help us switch from 2G to CAT.1, saving development cost and time, improving time to market and accelerating product upgrades.

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