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5G Boosts the Digital Economy, SIMCom Leads in 5G Technology

2021-08-02 13:41:21

2021 is the first year of China's 14th Five-Year Plan Period and a year of rapid 5G development. Various 5G applications are blooming. SIMCom Won the Title of “Pioneer in 5G Technology Application”.


As the world's leading module maker, SIMCom has a top domestic 5G laboratory of more than 2,000 square meters, equipped with a full set of 5G research and development equipment and testing instruments, coupled with a large number of outstanding talents. So far, SIMCom has launched SIM8200EA-M2, SIM8200G, SIM8300G-M2 supporting millimeter-wave, SIM8262G-M2 carrying Qualcomm's latest base band X62, SIM8210C and SIM8210C-M2 carrying Qualcomm's latest modem 315. Its complete product lines cover all frequency bands of major global carriers and are compatible with various communication protocols. The company has reached deep cooperation with many terminal manufacturers in various application fields such as 5G laptops and CPE.

5G Boosts the Digital Economy

It has been two years since 5G licenses were officially issued. As an important part of new infrastructure, 5G has been promoted in all industries and has become a "booster" for investment growth. In the individual consumption market, 5G+4K HD videos, 5G cloud gaming, 5G+VR/AR and other businesses are blooming. In the industrial application market, application scenarios in key sectors such as industry, medical care, media, and transportation are further defined. VR/AR applications, petrol robots and other low-latency applications are becoming a new batch of pilot applications.

The 5G CPE based on SIMCom 5G module SIM8200EA-M2 enables high-speed 5G connections for lots of equipment underground in coal mines such as intelligent patrol robots, coal mine robots, autonomous driving, fully-mechanized mining equipment and other coal mine equipment systems, solving the problem of signal interruption and the difficulty of network access when using WiFi and wired connections. The transmission of underground voice, video, data, as well as information from various intelligent operating systems by one network is realized. The data and information of underground operation can be transmitted back to the dispatching center on the ground in real time. Dispatchers can watch underground mining, transportation, maintenance and other conditions in real time on the big screen, and have real-time communication with underground miners, effectively improving the safety and production efficiency of coal mine operation.


As a leading technology in the field of information communication, 5G will bring great opportunities for the industrial revolution and the digital transformation of traditional industries, expand the space for innovation and entrepreneurship, and become a new engine driving economic growth. SIMCom will continue to focus on vertical industries, give play to its global organizational advantages, and build core competitiveness, striving to be a leader in the 5G era.

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