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SIMCom 5G MMW Modules empower 5G era

2021-10-12 09:48:55

At present, many countries around the world have announced the commercial use of 5G networks, and each country chooses different frequency bands and solutions according to its national conditions. Sub-6GHz frequency band is the first choice in China at this stage for the fast construction of 5G networks, so that consumers and industrial customers can use 5G networks right away.

Picture source: the picture was used by Qualcomm experts when sharing 5G MMW scenario cases in July 2020.

On Sept. 23, the 2nd 5G mmWave Industry Forum sponsored by GSMA and organized by CWW, was held in Beijing under the theme "For the Takeoff of 5G Industrial Applications ". in this forum. He talked about the company's practice and exploration in 5G modules and MMW modules. He said: “SIMCom focuses on providing wireless communication modules and solutions. As the earliest enterprise to start 5G research and development, SIMCom launched its first 5G module in 2018. So far, more than ten 5G modules have been launched. Among them, SIM8300G and SIM8300G-M.2 are mature commercial 5G MMW modules widely used in FWA, CPE and other industrial terminals. This year, SIMCom will continue to launch the second-generation MMW modules supporting 3GPP R.16 in SIM8360 series and SIM8380 series, which support a maximum MMW bandwidth of 400MHz and 800MHz respectively. They can unfold the 10Gbps high-speed 5G era.”

5G MMW uses higher frequencies in a wider spectrum and has larger system capacity and stronger service capability. It will become the inevitable direction for the evolution of mobile communication technology. 3GPP divided 5G networks into two frequency ranges FR1 and FR2 when formulating 5G standards. The former is generally called Sub-6GHz and the latter is called MMW, and the two complement each other. Compared with MMW, FR1 Sub-6GHz, which can travel farther and penetrate more easily, can solve the problem of large-range signal coverage more easily. FR2 MMW is characterized by high working frequency, large bandwidth, low latency, and large access capacity. It can better solve the problems of traffic congestion, heavy downlink traffic and remote control when users surf the Internet.

In the 5G era, Sub-6GHz ensures basic coverage, while MMW fulfills its own mission. High and low frequencies jointly empower various industries and achieve full-band support, so as to truly realize 5G-enabled digital transformation of industries.

Picture: 5G MMW spectrum

As a leading enterprise in the IoT communication module industry, SIMCom actively combines the upstream and downstream sides of the industrial chain to provide 5G MMW modules and antenna services, help popularize 5G terminals, jointly drive the development of 5G MMW.

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