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SIMCom LTE CAT. 4 Module empowers the Modern Intelligent Rehabilitation Industry

2021-11-29 18:29:09

In recent years, rehabilitation medicine has developed rapidly. The concept of integrated rehabilitation becomes prominent, and the demand for rehabilitation shows explosive growth. In this context, the rehabilitation robot industry has emerged. The introduction and use of related products will relieve the pressure in the rehabilitation market to a certain extent.


Compared with surgical robots, assistive robots and medical service robots, rehabilitation robots take the biggest market share. With the development and progress of intelligent technology, wearable exoskeleton robots with assistive walking and rehabilitation functions have gradually become a rigid demand. As the main force in rehabilitation robots, wearable exoskeleton robots can help those who lose the ability to walk to regain the freedom to stand or even walk.



SIMCom cooperates with Mile Bot to develops MileBot assistive walking robot MAX-1. MileBot focuses on rehabilitation exoskeleton robots and human-computer interaction technology, hoping to improve the efficiency and effect of rehabilitation treatment by using robots, IoT, big data, AI and other technologies, to create an intelligent rehabilitation system, and quickly develop intelligent rehabilitation products suitable for different diseases and different stages of rehabilitation.



MileBot assistive walking robot MAX-1 is embedded with a SIMCom LTE CAT.4 module SIM7600G-H, which is an LTE CAT.4 module that fits all networks in the Chinese market. With its stable product performance, high cost-performance and complete global certification, this module series has been widely used in smart life, smart hospital, industrial Internet and other fields.

The technical support of SIMCom SIM7600G-H modules enables local and remote human-computer interaction for this assistive walking robot, realizing high-speed stable operation of the patient monitoring system. The background system can automatically analyze large amounts of data to help diagnose and propose effective and accurate rehabilitation plans for patients. Doctors can search the robot's background database remotely in real time, and constantly collect and review the best practice cases during rehabilitation treatment, thus the robot’s cloud intelligent rehabilitation system integrates data acquisition, assessment and training.

The development of new cost-effective communication modules allows wearable rehabilitation devices to use wireless communication technology more commonly with high accuracy and efficiency, thus promoting the development of intelligent rehabilitation and elderly care in China. SIMCom will share this social responsibility by providing reliable and stable data connection for smart medical care, to integrate humanistic care into smart life.

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