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Smart access control system - The first barrier to guarding the community


With the development of the national economy and the acceleration of economic globalization, China's security industry has developed rapidly; the high demand has also led to the continuous expansion of the security industry and the variety of products. In the field of security, video surveillance and access control systems are an indispensable part. However, the traditional access control industry has many shortcomings, such as poor working stability of the access control system, high maintenance costs, and uncontrollable remote control. Smart access control systems powered by SIMCom products will solve these pain points.


1. Convenient and efficient smart management,

Grid management facilitates community security, government security and public security to collaborate and use technology to help build safe communities.

2. Stable and reliable safety management

The access control system manages database data, comprehensively improves the security and reliability of system data, and facilitates data backup.

3. Multi-party collaborative management

When there is a fire alarm, the Fire Force will be noticed; and the center will open the access channel uniformly, meanwhile, CCTV can be activated to realize linkage real-time monitoring.


Collaborating with Ayla IoT, "Cloud + Products" will jointly empower smart security


Case Description

At the 18th China Public Security Expo in Shenzhen in December 2021, SIMCom displayed the smart access control system developed by Ayla IoT at the booth. This new product attracted the attention of many visitors with its many highlights.


1. Accurate identification

This system has 20,000+ large face comparison libraries, and adopts a unique face recognition algorithm, which can accurately and quickly recognize faces. The recognition time is less than 0.5s, and the accuracy rate is as high as 99%. At the same time, it supports binocular live detection, as well as the tracking and exposure of people's moving faces in strong backlight environments, and safe and accurate identification only takes a moment.

2. Stable operation

In the intelligent access control, the LINUX operating system is adopted, which has higher stability, and the average trouble-free running time is MTBF>50000h. At the same time, it adopts IP66 waterproof and dustproof, and can keep working normally inan environmentfrom -20℃ to 60℃.

3. Flexible storage

With the world's leading video cloud, it provides customers with carrier-grade security, mass, stable and reliable, and flexible storage services. It also supports local storage of TF card, continuous storage of pictures for one year, and continuous storage of videos for one month or more.

4. Data Security

Ayla IoT is the first cloud platform in China that has passed the SOC3 security certification, providing a strict security protection system for each smart product:


Device: One machine, one code, each product has a unique identity code to avoid unknown device access and information theft.

Data transmission: SSL/TLS two-way encryption algorithm is used to effectively prevent data from being hijacked by air.

Cloud platform: multi-tenant design to ensure 100% unique customer data. Separation of internal and external networks to prevent external intrusion and data leakage;

User privacy: handle personally identifiable information (PII) in strict accordance with GDPR standards to ensure the security of connected products, edge devices and networks


The combination of SIMCom module products empower smart security


SIMCom is deeply involved in the security industry, 5G, 4G, smart, LPWA modules are multi-platform and multi-standard, with a rich product matrix to meet the diverse needs of industry customers. Whether it is video surveillance, host alarm, sound and light alarm, all kinds of applications around smart home, smart city, electricity safety, vehicle security, vehicle data monitoring, and status monitoring have SIMCom modules to provide stable and reliable data connection.

SIMCom Module Advantages



This smart access control system uses SIMCom's LTE Cat.1 module A7600C1, which supports LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/GSM wireless communication modes, with a maximum downlink rate of 10Mbps and a maximum uplink rate of 5Mbps. A7600C1 adopts LCC+LGA package, which is compatible with UMTS/HSPA+ module SIM5320/SIM5360 series, and LTE module SIM7600/SIM7600-H series package, which realizes smooth switching from 3G products to LTE products, which greatly facilitates the client for more products Type compatible design.


A7600C1 has a variety of built-in network protocols and supports drivers for various mainstream software operating systems (USB drivers for mainstream versions of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Android) and software functions.


At the same time, A7600C1 also integrates mainstream industry-standard interfaces, with powerful expansion capabilities, including UART, SDIO, I2C, GPIO and other rich interfaces, which can be widely used in mainstream IoT applications, such as vehicle communication terminals, security terminals, POS, Industrial routers, and telemedicine terminals, etc.

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