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SIMCom pioneering LPWA segment with future-proof products

2022-05-07 18:12:01

Nowadays, the global internet of things is developing rapidly. Ericsson's 2021MobileMarketReport predicts that by 2027, the deployment of large-scaleinternet of things will account for 51% of all cellular connections. With the gradual withdrawal of 2G / 3Gnetworks from the market,LPWA has attracted extensive attention of manyIoT manufacturers for its low power consumption, long standby time, and low cost. The rapidly developing 5G network will also cooperate with LPWA technology to maximize the value of the Internet of things.

Cat. M and NB- IoT are the two populartechnologies ofLPWA solutions,which are expected to become the fastest-growing in the future. According to the prediction of Ericsson analysis , the shipment volume ofcellular IoT modulesby NB-IoT andCat.M will reach 251 million in 2026.       



The function of NB-IoT is similar to that of Cat.M. In terms ofapplicability,either Cat. Mor NB-IoT has absolute advantage so that many telecom operators adopt two standards in the same time to support future IoT devices and applications. According to the GSMA data, more than 140telecomoperators around the world have actively deployed or launched Cat.M/NB-IoT network in 64 countries/regions.


Based onadvanced technicalfeatures of LPWA and the needs in different countries /regions, SIMComhaslaunched a series of LPWA modules such as SIM7000X, SIM7070X, SIM7080G and SIM7090G, which are designed fordifferent terminal products ,which require low power consumption and low data applications. All of LPWAmodules have strong extension capability with rich interfaces including UART, GPIO, PCM, SPI, I2C etc. The module provides much flexibility and ease of integration for customer's application. And LPWAmodules’perfect power consumption performance allows the battery life of terminal equipmentupto 10 years.


In order to help customers' productseffortlessly enter major global markets, SIMCom LPWA

modules have acquired global certifications and carrier certifications, includingFCC/IC/CE/RCM

/JATE/TELEC/ANATEL/GCF/PTCRB/Softbank/DoCoMo/AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile and so on, covering Japan, North America, Europe, Australia and other regions, which can savecustomers a lot of time andinvestment.

SIM7070X series isthe LPWAmodule in the size of24mmx24mm ,which is compatible withSIM800F andSIM900package .The capacity of Its advanced network coverage is greatly enhanced compared with GSMtechnology . SIM7070X series is suitable for static and fixed applications with low bandwidth requirements. It can be used forsmart metering, environment monitoring and energy management.

SIM7080G series isthe LPWAmodule in the size of 17.6mmx15.8mmm, which is compatible with classic 2G modules SIM800C and SIM868package .It can help customers' products smoothlymove beyond 2G/3Gand migrate to LPWAnetwork . It is suitable for applications withmedium data /voice communication requirements , such as emergency calling devices etc. SIM7080G series have good mobilitywhich enables it to be usedfor asset tracking, remotesurveillance and other scenarios.

SIM7090G series adopts LGA package and supports a variety of wireless network types. Because of itssuper tiny size -14.8mmx12.8mm, itis especially suitable for wearable /tracker products such as children's watches, bracelets, pet trackers and so on.


SIMCom LPWA productlines can meet the diversified needs of terminal manufacturers in terms of cost, performance,form factor,interface, software protocol and global certifications and support connecting with mainstream cloud platforms in the industry. It is better to help customers quickly enter the global market with stable and reliableconnectivity.

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