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5G Digital Transformation Accelerated by Ubiquitous Connectivity

2022-06-09 19:16:42

The pandemic has made us realize that we cannot go further without digital transformation. Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, business culture, and customer experiences to meet emerging business and market requirements. The pandemic has pushed corporate entities to accelerate their digital journeys. At the same time, massive tech infrastructure investments have created a fast lane onto the digital highway underpinned by 5G.

Compared with previous generations of wireless communications technology, 5G is to revolutionize the mobile networks, and to provide unprecedented digital capabilities not only for consumers but also for various industries and society at large. It is predicted that by 2025 there would be 1.2 billion 5G connections, covering 34% of world population.

5G can enhance consumer services with its multi-Gbps data transfer speed that is comparable to fiber so as to bring down the cost of HD video streaming,large-scale 3D games and augmented reality devices, applications on cloud etc. It will also bring recognizable changes into industries like smart retail, remote health care, smart home appliances and media with innovative consumer experiences such as immersive mixed reality based on the super speedy data transmission.

Due to the URLLC feature of 5G, the IIoT can be achieved in seamless orchestration of sensors, machines , robotic productions lines and networks. The low latency of 5G also enables automotive ecosystem to develop higher safety as signals among the vehicle, infrastructure, network and people could be coordinated within 10ms. With HD camera and robotic arms, even telesurgery can be realized since it can be taken simultaneously via 5G network.

When dealing with massive number of nodes and scattered distribution of sensors in the industries like smart agriculture ,smart grids and smart manufacture, the massive capacity of 5G networks have the cutting edge for their bandwidth. The 5G mMTC has the capacity to connect one million devices per square kilometer, which ensures every data source to be covered and precise management become possible based on that.

Wireless connectivity is at the center of 5G digital transformation in the evolution of businesses and society as a whole. SIMCom keeps leading 5G modules development since its first 5G module SIM8200 series had been launched . Except for 5G module such as SIM8260 and SIM8280 series that support 3GPP R16, SIMCom also has successfully released 5G smart module SIM9350 series ,5G & optional C-V2X module SIM8800 series and ultra-small 5G module SIM8202 series,unfolding a complete range of 5G modules portfolio with wide compatibility and spectacular performance. The R&D of 5G products is underpinned by competitive teams across five major innovation bases where the world top level of 5G labs are set up and advanced laboratory apparatuses are equipped.

While digging into vertical industries, SIMCom persists in supplying superior products and services in terms of bandwidth, reliability, compatibility and cost, creating unlimited possibilities for customer’s digital transformation.

You can get more details about SIMCom 5G products via SIMCom website.

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