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SIMCom releases the Smallest LTE CAT.M (eMTC) & NB-IoT module SIM7090G

2019-10-31 11:59:00

Since SIMCom launched the LPWA solution LTE CAT.M (eMTC) & NB-IoT & GSM module SIM7070X and LTE CAT.M (eMTC) & NB-IoT module SIM7080G, in 2019 SMCom once again provided innovative technology and is releasing a new generation of the small multimode LPWA module - SIM7090G, and presented at the Mobile World Congress (MWC19) in Los Angeles.

The SIM7090G is based on the Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem. It is packaged in an LGA and supports LTE CAT.M1, CAT.NB2, GNSS and voice functions. Its is only 14.8*12.8*2.0mm, which is the smallest of the current LPWA series modules. It has a rich interface that includes UART\PCM\I2S\SPI\I2C\GPIO\ADC\USB, which is very flexible and easy to integrate. It solves the biggest problem for small-sized IoT application customers and helps customers develop new products. SIM7090G has wide coverage, low power consumption, low latency and low throughput, so it is the best choice for smart metering, asset tracking, wearable products, remote control, smart homes, smart cities, smart agriculture and other Internet of Things industries.



As a global band module, the SIM7090G can better help customers to deploy in the market. In addition, SIMCom NB-IoT module SIM7020G & SIM7020E has passed the certification of Vodafone, the largest operator in Europe, and the SIM7020G has passed the T-Mobile certification process. This provides customers with more support for developing products in European and overseas markets. With reliable and stable product quality and strong technical background, SIMCom has been recognized by all walks of life in the LPWA field. As a company that has participated in global competitions and expanded across the globe, SIMCom has become one of the representative Chinese brands overseas.

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