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SIMCom participated in 2019 MWCA successfully

2019-10-29 12:03:00

The 2019 World Mobile Congress MWC-Los Angeles has finished successfully. During the exhibition, SIMCom showed different series modules such as 5G, 4G and other modules. Besides, we have cooperated with several local IOT partners to show the latest IoT applications. Let’s have a look now!



5G Family


The very first combination belongs to 5G technology undoubtedly. The 5G module solutions, such as SIM8200EA-M2, SIM8200G, 5G industrial-grade router, CPE, and network encryptor, are exhibiting at the conference. The SIMCom 5G module solution equipped with the latest Qualcomm® 5G New Radio (NR) modem boasts a downlink rate of 7 Gbps under SIM8200G-M2 setup. It is mainly applied in such scenarios as FWT, multimedia video terminal, intelligent industrial manufacturing, intelligent vehicle and mobile office. 5G CPE supports the next generation of ultra-high bandwidth WiFi 6 with 4G/5G dual-mode, which is adaptable to the network conditions of three major operators and achieve seamless upgrade from 4G to 5G.


Intelligent Mass Transit Solution

Tracker, the intelligent mass transit solution developed by SIMCom, integrates a variety of technologies including positioning, wireless communication, geographic information, etc, enabling the real-time dispatching, monitoring and operating of vehicles. It provides effective vehicle positioning, route tracking, arrival prediction, bulletin release, fuel consumption management, etc, greatly reducing the operation cost while obtaining significant service improvement.


Another solution is an intelligent video monitoring system for mass transit, which effectively monitors the in-vehicle temperature & humidity. At the meantime, the no-dead-angle surveillance will not only monitor safe driving, but encourage appropriate passenger behavior.


The intelligent solution for mass transit carries SIM808 2G module and SIM7600SA 4G module. SIM808 incorporates GPS satellite navigation technology with GPRS and GPS, greatly saving labor and cost for customers to develop applications with GPS-related functions, which also enables seamless asset tracking. Designed with a SMT form factor, SIM7600SA supports LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/HSPA+/TD-SCDMA/EVDO and GSM/GPRS/EDGE spectrum and LTE Cat4 (downlink speed 150Mbps). Featuring stable performance and compact design, the device is cost effective and capable to secure SMS and data transmission with low power consumption, which is applicable in diversified compact products as per customized requirements.

Smart Meters


Another exhibit on display is smart meter solution, which carries the SIMCom NB-IoT modules. It features low power consumption, wide coverage, free from network development, convenient network access, etc. With this solution, it's easier to upgrade the traditional meter devices to smart ones, resulting in automatic management, saving of time and labor, and reduction of operation cost. Such initiative will accelerate the intelligent process of meter industry, and propel the development of intelligent gas meter towards safety, reliability and convenience. The intelligent gas meter is expected to undergo a transformation from prepayment collecting and gas controlling to a multifunctional device integrating data sensing, stored value remote fulfillment, inquiry, remote monitoring, real-time warning, etc.


Industrial Gateway


An industrial gateway with built-in SIMCom 4G module is on display as well. It adapts to various application environments and provides secure communication links available everywhere. It offers flexible data forwarding with multiple communication interfaces. Meanwhile, it ensures the high-speed data transmission with strong stability. The gateway equipped with SIM7500A module is a complete multi-band LTE-FDD/HSPA+/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM module solution in LGA type, supporting data transmission up to 10Mbps (downlink) and 5mbps (uplink). It allows customers design applications with diverse technologies and save development time. 

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