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The technological development has made our lives more and more convenient, with huge changes seen in our way of dressing, eating, living and traveling such as smart access control solutions.

Case Description

In the smart access control solution built by SIMCom, the central control unit connects with the background management system through the smart module SIM8950LH, and feeds back the unlocking information to the background management system. After the background system identification is completed, the unlocking instruction will be issued to the control center. An integrated system integrating access control system, monitoring system, alarm system and intelligent management, it has combined facial recognition & ID authentication. Through networking, it integrates front-end information collection and back-end O&M management, and connects the video access control data to the big data sharing platform, so as to comprehensively improve the ability of social information collection.

Getting around more easily

This makes it easier for residents to get around without the awkwardness of waiting downstairs for your family or neighbors to open the door when you leave your key at home. The access control system collects the facial information of residents, so that when people stand at the door, it can be opened automatically after recognizing their faces in seconds. You can also send door opening information with the number of your door to the designated mobile phone, which will then open the door remotely after verification.

Safer Home

The system combines the access control system and video. With the facial recognition technology, it compares the ID information and facial image with the people going in and out. This ensures that residents are actual registrants, while preventing the unregistered from entering or using others’ identity information, which improves the security of living.

More effective management

Through the registration and management of housing information and personnel information, real-time dynamic management can be carried out on the residents and living status of each house. It is highly applicable for urban villages and other places with dense population flow and information opacity. This completely solves the difficulty in accurately collecting the information of residents in urban villages.

SIMCom Module Advantages


Based on Qualcomm SDM450 platform, SIM8950LH is a complete multi-band LTEFDD/TDD/TD-SCDMA/DC-HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS/EVDO/EGDE/GPRS/GSM/GNSS smart module designed with very powerful processors, allowing customers to benefit from great flexibility and easy integration. Aside from smart access control, it is also widely applied in smart payment, etc.

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