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Motorbike tracker

Electric motorbike can be a good solution for short-distance commuting especially for the areas which always suffer heavy traffic. However, it is easy to be stolen. A smart tracker equipped with SIMCom NB-IoT module SIM7070G can solve this problem perfectly.

Case Description

This Electric motorbikes tracker can monitor the two vehicles in full space and time, effectively increasing the detection rate of the theft, thereby reducing the crime rate of theft and realizing a highly-efficient control of the two vehicles.

SIM7070G is a multi-band NB-IoT wireless communication module with a 68 PIN LCC package. The tracker in the electric motorbike with built-in SIM7070G not only has low power consumption, but also can achieve full network coverage. It has no requirements for complex networking but with convenient network access, and its high-precision GPS positioning function can locate the vehicle position in real time. Through SIM7070G, the data request information can be connected to the back-end server. The server decrypts the communication message according to the built-in secret key of the product, then analyzes and identifies the product ID and IMEI, and binds them. The server communication identifies the terminal device through the device ID and pushes the message to the terminal user app. Therefore, the user can view the real-time location of the electric motorbike on the cellphone.

When an electric motorbike is moved abnormally, an alarm message will also be received on the cellphone. Even if an electric motorbike is unfortunately lost, it can be quickly retrieved through positioning thus loss is reduced. At the same time, the battery power of the electric motorbike can be monitored to ensure that the power is always on supply, and a warning can be given in time when abnormalities are found.

SIM7070G also supports cycling data recording and track playback. For occupations that require precise routes such as takeaway riders, the position of the rider can be well recorded, and the optimal route can be analyzed and planed through back-end data.

SIMCom Module Advantages


With Power Saving Mode(PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception(eDRX), the SIM7070 series can extend battery life up to 10 years
The SIM7070 series provides deeper coverage enhancement compared to GSM
The form factor and AT commands of the SIM7070 series are compatible with SIM7000X/SIM800F/SIM900

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