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In China, 5G integration and application have been raised to the height of strategic planning to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G and the innovation of 5G application scenarios. 5G +smart logistics has been listed as one of the actions for deepening 5G integration and application in industries. The plan proposes to strengthen innovation in the application of 5G in logistics in parks, warehouses, communities and other places, promote the application of 5G in driverless express transportation, intelligent sorting, unmanned warehousing, smart wearables, intelligent identification and other scenarios, accelerate the construction of data access, computing and application platforms for 5G-based Internet of Things in logistics, promote the construction of automatic smart logistics equipment and infrastructure with end-to-end and cloud-based collaboration, and help realize automated transportation, smart warehousing and full monitoring in logistics.

Case Description

The rapid growth of e-commerce and the fragmentation of massive orders make timely and accurate processing difficult for traditional warehouse management and operation, thereby driving warehouse management toward automatic smart warehousing. The emergence of new business forms, new industries and new models in many downstream application fields represented by e-commerce, express logistics, medicine and new retail, which are critical to the national economy and people's livelihood, puts forward higher requirements for warehousing, making the demand for smart warehousing in downstream application fields grow continuously.

In the traditional warehousing model, warehouse management mainly depends on the memories of warehouse personnel, which is time consuming and effort consuming. E-commerce is characterized by a wide range of products and fast circulation. In the traditional model, data are recorded manually, which leads to low efficiency, mistakes and omissions. It is impossible to accurately make an inventory or judge profit and loss, which may lead to overstocking or understocking and affect sales performance. In manufacturing, inaccurate inventories may lead to blind production orders, raw material procurement, overstocking, etc., which not only increases the production cost, inventory cost, but also increases the difficulty of warehouse management.

At present, China’s warehousing is in the stage of automatic warehousing as a whole, mainly using information technology to achieve real-time control and management of AGV, automatic shelves, automatic access robots, automatic identification, automatic sorting systems and other advanced logistics equipment. SIMCom 5G modules SIM8202G-M2 and SIM8200EA-M2 can be applied to all links of smart warehousing to solve the integration and optimization of various automation equipment information systems, including purchase management, inventory management, order management, sorting, rechecking, distribution, RF terminal management, goods and location information management, etc. With the large bandwidth and short latency of 5G networks, warehouse operation control and task scheduling are effectively improved, and the order processing capability is more than doubled.

In new smart warehouses composed of handheld RF terminals, smart shuttle cars, shuttle car elevators, AGV smart guide systems, hopper elevators, shelves, warehouse delivery devices and warehouse control systems, 5G modules can be found everywhere. With the high speed and reliability brought by SIMCom 5G module SIM8202G-M2, the shuttle car, which integrates motion control, obstacle avoidance mechanism, navigation technology, visual identification, mechanical structures, algorithms and other technologies, can realize flexible steering, longitudinal and lateral driving, effectively improving the efficiency and accuracy of operation.

In the future, smart logistics based on high-end intelligent equipment needs new-generation 5G information means to accelerate the expansion of application scenarios. Intelligent means such as automation equipment, drones and intelligent identification can realize inventory optimization and control and improve the response speed of the logistics chain. SIMCom 5G modules will continue to help the development of smart logistics.

SIMCom Module Advantages


Standard M.2 interface
High throughput data communication
AT commands of the SIM8202X-M2 are compatible with SIM7912G/SIM8200X-M2 series modules

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