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As covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, some public places with high-volume human traffic such as hospitals, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, hotels, office buildings, administrative service centers etc. were under a lot of pressure of epidemic prevention and control,such as shortage of manpower, high risks of occupational exposure, and the loopholes repeatedly occurred due to unconscious mistakes.

Case Description



The market for service robots is showing strong growth as the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered huge demand for contactless services. Smart service robots have taken part in disinfection, logistics distribution, gate patrol, temperature measurement and epidemic investigation, so as to ease the pressure on human counterparts and reduce the risk of virus transmission.


At present, the mainstream approachin the industry is to deploysmart processors in the cloud. One of the basic components of service robots is the module connecting it to the network. Limited by the speed, delay time and concurrencyquantityof 4G network, theconnectionwith the cloud ofrobots frequently breaks so thatthe service robot cannot be applied in many scenarios.


Low delaytimeandlarge bandwidth of 5G, can solve the problem of data transmission of  smartservice robots. By utilizing storage space in the cloudto acquirerich database resources through high-speed 5G networks, the requirements for onboard sensors and processors for robots are largely compressed. Consequently , the average cost of product development is also brought downfor manufacturers.  



The performance of SIMCom 5G module has reached the leading level in the industry, enablingsmart service robots to make better use of the advantages of 5G network and realizeremote control via the cloud, so as to be appliedin more scenarios.


Take the sub-6G module SIM8260 series as an example. SIM8260 series are based on Qualcomm SDX62 , supporting R16 5G NSA and SA, compatible with a variety of network types, and with a downlink rate up to 2.8Gpbs. The modules can quickly transmit a large number of images and videos captured by the robot to the cloud for analysis and processing and quickly feedback instructions to the robot, which can constantly improve the robot's intelligence level and service ability to achieve intelligent motion , visual feedback and other advanced functions.


SIM8260 series also integrate GNSS L1 and L5 dual-frequency precise positioning system, enabling smart service robots to achieve automatic driving within a limited area based on intelligent navigation and intelligent route planning. At the same time, the rich interfaces of theseries provide great flexibility and extendibility for service robot manufacturers to do product development so that the manufacturerscan add or reduce diversified equipment according to customer needs andscenarios.



In order tomeet the rapidly growing demand for 5G modules, SIMCom has made a large amount of investment in 5G product research and development. Since the firstSIMCom5G module was launched in 2018, nearly 20 5G modulessupporting R15or R16 protocols have beenon sale. They not only support 5G NSA and SA , but also cover frequency bands of sub-6Ghz and millimeter-wave , which can meet the needs of performance, packaging, cost and other diversified needs in the industries such asmedical and health care, smart payment,PoC, energy, smartengineering,vehicle, transport andso on.

SIMCom Module Advantages


LGA form factor with abundant interfaces
High throughput data communication
AT commands of  the SIM8260E are compatible with SIM7912G/SIM8200X-M2 series modules

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