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SIMCom Attends E-surfing Smart Ecosystem Expo 2019

2019-09-25 12:18:00

E-surfing Smart Ecosystem Expo 2019 will be grandly held at Canton Fair Complex from September 19 to September 22, 2019, attracting the attendance of a lot of exhibitors. Since 2019 is the first year of 5G development, China Telecom will collaborate with the industrial chain to create a brand new smart ecosystem and usher in the era of Internet of Everything. As a renowned module provider, SIMCom is also attending the expo, contributing to the smart transformation of “Hello 5G Empowering the Future” by showcasing a variety of products.


At the expo, in addition to showcasing SIM8200EA-M2, SIM8200G and SIM8300G-M2, 5G modules based on Qualcomm’s latest 5G NR modem - Snapdragon X55 platform, SIMCom is also showcasing its high-speed modules SIM7912G-M2 and SIM7906E-M2. The 5G modules are available in M2 and LGA packages, with support for 3G, 4G and 5G multi-modes, 5G NR sub-6GHz band, VoLTE, GNSS positioning, SA and NSA networks, with download speed up to 4Gbps in 5G mode.


SIMCom’s modules mostly support concise secondary development SDK, helping customers reduce the usage of development resources and overall cost. The modules boast reliable file system protection features to enable the smooth and reliable running of the file system and to avoid data loss or damage in case of frequent system power failure and other extreme working conditions. SIMCom has also designed a more reliable FOTA technology different from other module FOTA technologies in the market. With specific protection for the various stages of FOTA upgrade, the modules can continue their FOTA upgrade upon the recovery of working conditions in case of power failure and other abnormal situations during FOTA upgrade.


SIMCom and its parent company Sunsea AIoT Technology Co., Ltd. are jointly attending the expo. In addition to showcasing CPE equipped with SIMCom’s 5G modules, 5G gateways and robots, Sunsea AIoT is also showcasing AI urban neural center perception platforms, AI in-vehicle edge computing terminals and AI smart video edge computing terminals, which can be widely used in such scenarios as smart community (personnel monitoring, connected vehicle monitoring, alert notification), smart public security control, smart transport and high point monitoring.



During the expo, since Sunsea AIoT signed an agreement with China Telecom, Sunsea AIoT and SIMCom have become China Telecom’s comprehensive strategic partners from hardware terminals to overall solutions, thus further contributing to the development of 5G Intelligent Connectivity.



Yang Tao, President of SIMCom, accepted an exclusive interview from Communications Weekly during the expo, and he talked about the general trend of IoT modules and SIMCom’s development direction. According to Mr. Yang, communication modules are an integral part of Internet of Everything and are the linkage between standardized chips in the upstream and highly fragmented vertical applications in the downstream. SIMCom has 17 years of IoT cellular module R&D experience with complete R&D processes and test systems. Fully automated production process lines will not only accelerate automation, but also guarantee product quality. As a frontrunner in 5G technology R&D, SIMCom began to prepare for the advent of 5G and engaged in 5G technology R&D in 2017, becoming the standard leader of China Mobile and GTI 5G S-Module. In February 2019, SIMCom debuted its 5G modules at MWC19 in Barcelona, officially completing 5G module networking test prior to MWC19. SIMCom is expected to provide its customers with engineering samples of its 5G modules in mid-September this year. Customers can use the engineering samples to develop their own products. Mass production is expected to be realized in 2019. 

Mr. Yang also noted that the era of 5G is an era of collaboration and win-win. Doing it alone is not compatible with the current trend. SIMCom is willing to enhance collaboration with more partners in the ecosystem and move forward together.

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