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Smart home care assistant

With the aging rate in society going up , growing numbers of families resort to digital home care devices for the aged who are living alone. The smart home care assistant with SIM8905 can provide effective assistance for the seniors in many regards.

Case Description

The smart home care assistant based on SIM8905 series can realize two way hands-free communication in real time, and monitor fall-down, motion, air quality and room temperature. Seniors can acquire 24-hour professional support services from the online emergency center. Family members and nursing staff can view the real-time status and environment data of the seniors through the device.

The core features of the smart home care assistant are voice-activated medical alarm system and real-time communication services. The voice activation function is supported by smart operation system and the powerful performance of SIM8905 series which are equipped with Android system and Qualcomm cortex-a7 4-core 32-bit ARM processor, of which the main frequency can reach 1.1GHz with a GPU of Adreno A304@456MHz. SIM8905 series have powerful data transmission and multimedia processing capabilities, which supports multi-channel HD cameras and single-screen display, making SIM8905 the best choices for multimedia wireless communication products and applications.

Most seniors are not getting used to complex electronic devices so that voice activation significantly reduces the barriers. After being activated, the smart home care assistant is like a hands-free telephone, which can make two way calls, saving the trouble of the seniors answering the phone in a hurry. It is also a plug-and-play device that can be always online.


SIM8905 series are highly integrated with wireless communication and short-range communication functions so that the smart home care assistant supports real-time online calling, also realizing the communication between wearable sensors (e.g. smart bracelets) and the smart home care assistant so that the safety information of senior users are always accessible . SIM8905 series support a variety of network types across the globe, including GSM / GPRS / edge, WCDMA / HSPA +, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000 / EVDO, LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD. It also supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / N and BT4 short distance communication. Even if the senior is hanging out near their home, they can also use the button on the bracelet to ask for help in an emergency. 

Smart home care assistant integrates motion, temperature, and air quality sensors that can be used without extra efforts. When the senior falls down, it will automatically activate alarm. The application can monitor the activities and environmental conditions (VOC / CO2, temperature and other data) of senior users, facilitating nursing staff to obtain data timely and accurately so as to improve the quality of services. 

SIM8905 series have rich interfaces, including MIPI_DS/ CSI / UART / SPI / I2C / GPIO / USB and so on. It can be connected to the camera, display screen, audio, sensor and other equipment. SIM8905 series support multi-dimensional data acquisition and human-computer interaction, which greatly expands its application scenarios. In addition to monitoring the motion and living environment data of senior users, they are also ideal choices for POS, advertising media, vehicle-mounted electronics, smart diagnosis and treatment, surveillance and many other equipment and industries.


You can also find out more details about SIM8905 series via the QR code or clicking here.

SIMCom Module Advantages


Support dual SIM card
Support charge management function
Support 720@30fps video recording and playing
Support global multi network mode (LTE Cat 4)
Support double camera
Integrate GNSS function, supports rapid accurate positioning under different environment

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