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From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity

2023-06-08 18:17:33

With the growth of human activity, problems like ecological environment degradation, climate change, and chemical pollution have attracted the attention of people all over the world. These issues eventually disturb ecological balance by causing a progressive decline in global biodiversity.

Natural ecosystem stability and balance are crucial for the health of human economies, societies, and cultures. The vibrant ecosystem serves the Earth's needs for carbon sequestration, water conservation, wind and sand fixation, and climate control. Even less well understood is the possibility that each species' great genetic diversity can turn into a treasure trove of important resources for the long-term growth of human civilisation. Therefore, preserving biodiversity is an act of self-defense.

In the age of digital intelligence, IoT module products can be crucial instruments for tying together applications, networks, and devices, and they can have a big impact on biodiversity monitoring and conservation.

Real-time capture of a huge number of wildlife photographs is possible using infrared high-definition cameras. These priceless visual resources not only enable more people to witness the presence of wild creatures but also aid in their preservation and procreation.

However, ecologists and forest rangers still need to deploy the infrared camera across mountains and rivers, and the data card, battery, and equipment need to be changed on a regular basis. There are numerous safety issues, and the entire procedure is time-consuming and difficult. The integrated monitoring system "Heaven, Earth and Space" with the core communication smart module may reverse this passive situation.

This system is capable of conducting extensive network coverage and perceptive real-time dynamic monitoring. in addition to new real-time transmission and monitoring terminals, satellite positioning and tracking, intelligent picture identification, and animal voiceprints.

A wireless communication LTE Cat 4 intelligent module called SIM8918 is outfitted with an Android operating system. It has a high-performance graphics engine called the Anreno 702 GPU and is powered by Qualcomm's 4-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor, whose primary frequency can reach 2.0GHz. It can handle multimedia files quickly and has strong high-speed data transmission capabilities. cellular wireless communication, short-range communication, and multiple satellite location receiver functions are well integrated.

support a variety of communication formats, including LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WCDMA, GPRS, and EDGE; support for Bluetooth 5.0 short-range communication and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; various GNSS satellite location systems are supported. It can be connected to external devices including cameras, displays, audio, sensors, etc. and has sophisticated interfaces.

It is possible to find animals, follow their daily life in protected regions, and keep an eye on poaching activity by using an integrated monitoring system outfitted with Smart modules, imaging modules, sensors, and GNSS positioning modules.

In order to preserve biodiversity and safeguard species, it is also important to increase public understanding of conservation issues, make biodiversity knowledge more accessible to the general public, and sow the seeds of conservation awareness in people's hearts.

Technology offers special benefits in this area, and the Internet of Things is promoting animal conservation in an increasingly significant way.

For instance, VR glasses incorporate text, images, and video content of wild animals and vegetation. You may enjoy the mysterious world of species by wearing glasses and seeing whales swimming in the water, birds soaring in the sky, and plants blooming in wetlands. They can also comprehend their names, growth habitats, genetic development, and history. As an alternative, increasing interest in exploration through the creation of an AI knowledge graph and interactive science popularization through voice and text.

As a leading global supplier of wireless communication modules, SIMCom focuses on customers, integrates innovation, and has 20 years of experience. Module products are empowering digitalization in various industries. The progress of technology and the development of the Internet of Things have not only brought convenient and efficient means, but also brought about the advancement of conservation concepts with the times - jointly building intelligent guarantees for biodiversity, allowing wild animals and plants to truly live in the embrace of nature and live in peace.

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