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Meeting the Future: SIMCom Forum on Key 5G Technologies Opens Grandly in Taiwan

2019-08-30 12:40:00

  On Aug. 27, SIMCom and Holy Stone jointly held a Partner Conference at Grand Victoria Hotel in Taipei... It was a forum on key 5G technologies, a discussion about the future, and a grand gathering of old and new friends for brainstorming.






At the conference, SIMCom President Yang Tao briefed the general situation of SIMCom. According to Mr. Yang, SIMCom has 17 years' experience in M2M cellular module research and development. The company has complete research and development procedures and testing systems. Its fully automated production lines not only accelerate automation, but also guarantee product quality. SIMCom product lines cover various industries and fields, including the GSM/GPRS (2G) series, the UMTS/HSPA+ series, the LTE series, NB-IOT, 5G and GNSS, etc. Both the product lines and functions are complete. Moreover, the company’s future product development is well-planned, which can meet the needs in different industries. SIMCom has established a 7x24-hour FAE technical support team, covering all sales networks on different continents, striving to provide better services to customers.

Mr. Yang also introduced that SIMCom has been building a new ecology based on its leading 5G modules and AI modules, while providing integrated and differentiated solutions with its superiority in “module + platform”. In 2019, the company launched the world's first 5G module SIM8200EA-M2 series and passed the real network signal test. SIMCom will continue to develop in the 5G field from four aspects, i.e. product quality, cost, service and innovation.


SIMCom Product Marketing Manager Yan Yongjie briefed the development and application of 5G+LTE-A products. According to Mr. Yan, SIMCom’s 5G module SIM8200 series comes in two packaging forms, i.e. LGA and M.2. With more diverse interfaces, LGA is very suitable for industrial automation, UAVs, AR/VR integration, etc. With standard interfaces, M.2 is easier to install and more suitable for wireless gateways, laptops, live video streaming, OTT and other applications. Mr. Yan said 5G can provide efficient network connectivity for digital transformation in traditional vertical industries. Before, limited by upstream/downstream 4G network bandwidth, many services such as high-quality 4K video streaming, VR/AR and cloud games could not be carried out. But with the arrival of 5G, VR/AR can use 5G networks to realize cloud computing. Not only the speed and resolution can be improved, but latency time can also be reduced. At the same time, the vertigo effect also can be reduced, bringing a better visual experience to users. In addition, SIMCom Technical Director Kong Fanbing introduced the secondary development of SIMCom modules. SIMCom Hardware Director Wang Guoqiang explained the antenna radio frequency and answered questions from customers one by one.

At this Partner Conference, SIMCom also won great support from Sporton, Rohde & Schwarz, Aristotle and other partners. Sporton International INC. is committed to providing customers with professional product testing and validation services. It has been certified by BSMI, NCC, PTCRB, GCF, CTIA and so on. Rohde & Schwarz is an industry leader. Its product lines involve wireless communication and radio frequency testing and measurement, radio, television and media, air traffic control and military radio communication, network security and network technology. Taiwan wire manufacturer Aristotle also brought its products to the conference and had proactive communication with other attendees.


The development of the Internet of Things has a long way to go and is will meet many challenges. The key is constantly defining superior products and building core competitive edges. Through this Partner Conference, SIMCom enjoyed further communication with its partners in Taiwan and got a better understanding of the market demand. In the future, it will continue to work hard and advance hand in hand with its partners.


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