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How Does the Fleet Management Tracking System Work?

2023-07-25 17:27:32

With the rise of online-shopping and development of modern IoT technology, the needs of logistics industry is growing towards digitalization, informatization and smart. With a vast fleet and plenty of resources, logistics organizations need to deploy cutting-edge wireless communication technology and smart positioning terminals to track and monitor the fleet. Make sure that the transportation of freight is both effective and safe.


Installing a wireless tracker with positioning and communication capabilities on freight vehicles enable the fleet management system to send management orders and upload vehicle location information to the management platform. Let's discuss the working principle of Tracking System.


Collect Information:Scanning the specifics of the goods and uploads the positioning and goods information to the management platform.


Routing Planning: Setting the optimal driving route in the backend, and the information is synchronized to the e-commerce platform, enabling customers to understand the latest status and location details of the item.


Location Warning: If a vehicle deviates from the intended driving path or if anti-theft devices, fault codes, collision detection, etc. are triggered, information about the alert will be posted to the platform over the operator's network.


By gaining access to the device's camera, audio, and other data, administrators can decide if the action is legal. The management platform has the ability to operate remotely and stop the driver's operation if needed.


Data Verification:Re-scan the information about the cargo, post the destination information to the management site, and notify the customer.


SIMCom wireless modules may work well and empower the management system's solution. Assist logistics companies with remote tracking, monitoring, and real-time awareness of asset status. The tracking and administration of the fleet can be accurate and efficient with exact placement.


SIM65M is a GNSS module that combines the high sensitivity AIROHA navigation engine with the industry's highest degree of sensitivity, accuracy, and Time-to-First-Fix . The SIM65M can pick up and follow any combination of different satellite signals, deliver the maximum performance and fully complies with the industrial standard by combining cutting-edge AGNSS known as EASYTM (Embedded Assist System) with tried-and-trueAlwaysLocate™ technology. A GNSS tracker for equipment allows asset managers to monitor utilization.The tracker equipped with SIM65M module can accurately locate. They are able to monitor overuse or determine whether an asset is rarely moved. Also shown is the run time for equipment, and where each asset is at any given time. It is the best option for vehicle tracking system. Select the one that fits your IoT projects viahttps://www.simcom.com/module/gnss.html.



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