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Global Warming and IoT Solutions

2023-08-10 18:27:00

Perhaps the most prevalent summertime emotion among people is being really“hot”. The "Charon" heatwave will come after the "Cerberus" heatwave, which is presently engulfing the whole continent of Europe.The majority of places on earth are currently experiencing unusually high temperatures at the same time.


The current focus on energy conservation, emission reduction, climate adaptation, and strategies for dealing with exceptionally high temperatures is garnering widespread global attention. IoT is a technology approach that connects individuals, machines, and objects anytime, everywhere. It can ensure the safety and effectiveness of both humans and material resources when used in highly hot environments.


Reducing Emissions and Preserving Energy


Major issues at the moment include global warming, high-temperature roasting, energy conservation, and emission reduction. One of the major energy consumers is an enterprise zone, and two of its long-term goals include to use less energy and improve the effectiveness of business management. A data visualization management and control system could be used in reducing emissions and preserving energy with some IoT solutions. For example, smart garbage cans, energy-saving smart light poles, smart charging heaps, smart monitoring systems, smart displays, and other smart equipment could be used in the corporate zone. SIMCom 5G modules, Smart Modules and LTE Cat.1 modules would play an important role in the applications for the development of smart enterprise zone.


Agricultural Water and Temperature Monitoring


The United Nations Climate Change Commission estimates that for every 1°increase in global average temperature, the production of the major food crops will fall by 19.7%. By 2040, the output of food will be down 30% to 40% globally as a result of high temperatures. In the condition of high-temperature, crops and plants growing in greenhouses and fields also experience "hot" in addition to humans. Poor plant growth, a worsening of diseases and pests, crop wilting, and crop mortality are prone to occur in high-temperature environments. In order to ensure plant growth, the IoT solutions can be utilized to monitor the water environment and give  some support for crop growth.


For instance, real-time understanding of the needs of the crops and prompt nutrient supplementation could be achieved by monitoring the temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation, moisture, and other characteristics within the greenhouse or fields with a sensor detector fitted with a Core Communication LTE Cat.1 modules from SIMCom.


Grid Safety and Maintenance Monitoring


Electricity has become an essential component of daily life and work, different voltage power grid lines maintain a steady supply of power. It is extremely difficult and unsafe for workers to perform maintenance tasks on a 500KV high-voltage power pole that is 10 meters high when it is over 40 degrees Celsius. At this time, the "tower" can be equipped with a remote monitoring camera with a 5G module, which will automatically take a picture and send it back to the monitoring station every 15 minutes. This would enable the early detection of hidden threats.


If a fire breaks out due to high temperatures, a professional drone team can be dispatched to do maintenance using technologies like autonomous drone inspection and drone 3D LiDAR scanning ranging. It might enhance photo recognition technologies and remote transmission capabilities even further if it combines SIMCom 5G modules. With these smart drone team, workers finally no longer need to climb the transmission tower to check the screws on hot days.


Extreme natural phenomena such as high temperatures, droughts, and floods are becoming increasingly frequent, and human survival in the earth needs to be given more attention in the future. Energy conservation and emission reduction, power grid safety, and agricultural development are closely related to our daily lives and work. How to use IoT technology to help humanity find solutions to solve existing problems is also being an important topic for global business company. SIMCom hope that through IoT technology and module products, not only can we connect with the world, but we can also work together to promote Earth security and development stable.

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