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How Does IoT Make Stadiums Smarter?

2023-08-16 18:29:00

The 2023 Women's Football World Cup is currently being held in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you are a sports fan or not, you will feel, to some extent, the hot atmosphere brought by this world event from midsummer to early autumn.

On the green field, rolling football and running players have become the focus of world attention. The number of spectators for the Women's World Cup has exceeded the milestone of one million, with 1.7 million tickets sold. With such a huge amount of data and crowd density, it is difficult to manage world events in an orderly manner without the support of “IoT technology”

On this occasion, SIMCom, a global enterprise in the IoT industry that provides communications technology and module products for terminal devices in various industries, will discuss with you what smart terminals may appear in the stadium. How to build a smart stadium with SIMCom 5G modules, smart modules, and LTE Cat. 1 modules.

5G Modules, High-Speed Connection

Whether it is a global event or a daily open sports stadium, whenever there is a game, the on-site audience will enthusiastically record videos and post them on their social media or share exciting moments remotely with family and friends. There will also be high-definition live-streaming footage from the organizers and media throughout the game, which is a test of the network's coverage, signal, and speed requirements. If the network gets stuck, the overall experience will be greatly discounted.

If a CPE gateway equipped with the SIMCom 5G module SIM8260E is used, this problem can be effectively solved. The 5G CPE supports multi-link backup, has stable network stability, and is also waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof. If a built-in SIM8260E live streaming device is used during live streaming, it can provide 5G+4K/8K high-definition images, better ensuring the smoothness and clarity of the live streaming images, allowing you to feel the atmosphere inside the stadium even from thousands of miles away.

Smart Modules, Assist in Safety Check

For any sporting event, safety is the primary issue. In places with large crowds, such as stadiums, the use of manual ticket checking and traditional access control systems is inefficient and prone to missing information, which may lead to safety accidents in severe cases. The use of a self-service ticketing system and access control system equipped with the SIMCo LTE Cat. 4 smart module SIM8970 is a good choice, which can be linked with the smart reservation system to automatically obtain reservation information. The facial recognition function can recognize membership and automatically release it. At the same time, it can record the statistical situation of personnel turnover, and the smart screen can display real-time activity information such as appointments, the number of people, and events.

Cat. 1 Modules, Lighting Sports Space

Lighting is an indispensable part of any sports event, but while meeting the lighting function, green lighting and energy conservation are also the focus of attention for many sports venues. If a smart light pole equipped with SIMCom LTE Cat. 1 module A7672X is used, it can achieve functions such as smart control, energy conservation, high-temperature resistance, automatic brightness adjustment, and remote hard power outage. Smart light poles can adjust the brightness of lights according to actual needs through smart dimming and energy management systems, saving energy consumption and reducing environmental pollution.

From daily life to sports fields, the IoT technology is ubiquitous, and it is precisely these communications technologies and smart terminals that enable us to experience the charm of technology in any scene. Communications technology has evolved from 2G to 5G, and SIMCom has always kept up with the changes and will continue to develop more new products, connecting the world with IoT modules.

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