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The Joy of Modern Robinson

2023-10-12 14:31:50

"Camper's Guide", one book written by British camping enthusiast T.H. Holding, was published in 1906 and sparked a worldwide camping fad. He talked about his first camping trip along the Mississippi River, and offered his interpretation of the camping culture: “Camping is, in my opinion, the oldest form of human subsistence, and even the most ape-like creatures find it fascinating. It increases physical activity, stimulates vitality, and teaches humans many different forms of self-reliance, sparking interest in life and a love for nature in the process.”

With the gradual prosperity of the economy, people are no longer satisfied with urban life and have started to go outdoors to enjoy leisure life. The camping culture based on tents has become the mainstream leisure way for young people.

Traveling with a "mobile home" has progressively gained popularity as a hobby and pastime for many people. RV is ideal for outdoor camping since it not only accommodates everyday travel needs but also provides the qualities of privacy, safety, and independence. The feature of the RV is its smart control system, which is in addition to smart home appliances, smart windows, smart sound systems, and smart air conditioning.

If the smart control system is equipped with SIMCom smart module SIM8970, it would be capable of monitoring water and electricity conditions, operating the RV's intelligent switches, and connecting multimedia devices. SIM8970 module also integrates GNSS location function and cellular communication link.

Camping is an amazing way to connect with nature, spend time with friends and family, and disconnect from the everyday. But many people are worried about camping safety and the living conditions. A smart tent would be a better solution than traditional tents for you to improve the outdoor camping experience.

For instance, in IoT-based smart tents, if a positioning tracker equipped with a SIMCom GNSS module SIM65M, or a temperature and humidity sensor equipped with an LTE Cat.1 module SIM7672G is embedded inside the tent, you can connect other family phones to the tent so that they can find out where you are. Moreover, with these sensors, you can also sense and adjust the temperature and humidity inside the tent.

Besides, general outdoor tents only have simple accommodation functions, but smart tents have something new. Such as smoke sensors, buzzers, and LED lights could be  embedded in the tent. If these sensors are equipped with SIMCom LTE Cat.1 module SIM7672G. they can connect with your phone and provide reminder for you if there is any danger or changes.

Tourism and camping are developing towards digitization, quality, and personalization, as people's conceptions of consumption change. They like to enjoy the great outdoors with those fun and useful smart gadgets. As a leading enterprise in the IoT modules industry, SIMCom has been deeply rooted in the field of the IoT for more than 20 years, will continue to empower the development of smart travel and various other industries with different modules such as 5G, 4G, LPWA, smart modules, GNSS modules.

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