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E-bike for City Ride, SIMCom Modules for E-bike

Micro-transportation has emerged as a new mode of transportation due to a number of factors, including the influence of the global pandemic on consumer behavior over the past three years, the promotion of low-carbon and green concepts, increased health awareness, policy support, and the trend of "oil to electricity" brought about by climate change and the international situation. E-bikes then came into being, and smart electric scooters and bicycles gained popularity abroad, particularly in Europe where there is a strong riding culture, E-bikes are deeply loved by local people.

Case Description

An E-bike, also known as an electric-powered bicycle, is a subdivision of the two-wheeled race track. The demand forglobal e-bikes mainly comes from two categories of people: those who are short commuters, daily life travelers, and sports and entertainment for office workers, and middle-aged and older individuals who have more free time and use lightweight e-bikes for outdoor activities or shopping for daily needs. In actual consumption, users generally pay attention to many factors that affect the user experience, such as the e-bike's detailed craftsmanship, battery life, driving comfort, assembly difficulty, speed switching, uphill power, cost-effectiveness, and fault and after-sales management.

In response to these user expectations, how can we lead the trend and win over more users by concentrating on product quality, user experience, and smart management of the full vehicle life-cycle?

As a global communicationmodule supplier that has been deeply involved in the Internet of Things industry for more than 20 years, SIMCom's multi-standard products such as 5G, 4G, LPWA, smart modules, GNSS, and automotive modules are exported toglobal markets, empowering various industries to undergo an intelligent transformation and becoming strong support for the two-wheeled vehicle race.


Cat.1 Modules, Enjoy the Pleasure of Cycling

For example, the LTE Cat.1 module can be applied to terminal devices such as the E-bike's vehicle dashboard, lithium-ion BMS, and peripheral sensors. Embedded in the SIMCom LTE Cat.1 module A7682E series, it can provide Bluetooth unlocking, communication positioning services, and comprehensive intelligent solutions. Real-time remote access to e-bike operation data enables the formation of a complete data information chain between users, manufacturers, dealers, and vehicles. When the vehicle is abnormal, the alarm function can remind users to check the vehicle. You can always keep track of the vehicle's location and master the battery life.


SIMCom Module Advantages

Smart Modules, Enjoy Personalized Entertainment

If you want to achieve a better human-machine interaction experience and create high-end electric electric two-wheeled vehicle products, the SIMCom smart module SIM8918 will be the top choice. It is an LTE Cat. 4 module developed on the Qualcomm QCM2290 platform, integrating a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor and Adreno ™ 702 GPU high-performance graphics engine. In addition to Bluetooth unlocking, GNSS positioning, driving recording, and monitoring functions, SIM8918 can also make the vehicles be connected to more media APP applications, achieving multimedia functions such as automatic navigation and online music listening.

With more than 50 offices across the globe, SIMCom provides advances products and high quality services to global customers in different countries and regions. The product ecosystem and technical experience accumulated over the past 20 years can meet the needs of e-bike manufacturers in differentiated product development, helping enterprises to continuously produce high-quality products and preserve core innovation capabilities. Assist the e-bike and the electric two-wheeled vehicle market in completing intelligent transformation and upgrading.

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