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Yang Tao, President of SIMCom: Leading the 5G era, creating AIoT industry applications with differentiated advantages

2019-08-22 12:49:00

The 12th Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE) was closed recently. As an active player in the IoT chain, SIMCom, a leading IoT module manufacturer, exhibited many new products, among which 5G modules attracted extensive attention. According to SIMCom President Tao Yang’s comment in an interview with our reporter, SIMCom builds a new ecosystem based on its leading 5G modules and AI modules, creating integrated and differentiated solutions taking advantage of its “module + platform”; by constantly improving its sensitivity to the IoT industry, SIMCom strives to stay ahead in the industry, timely discovering new demands for industry solutions in the 5G environment and creating the industry applications of 5G+AIoT.


Now, 5G has become the focus of the industry, but investments in 5G are huge, ranging from hundreds of millions to billions. Moreover, SMEs are fading out or transitioning. Gradually, only large companies with strong financial strength are left in the 5G field, following up and continuing their investment. Compared with other module manufacturers, what are the advantages of SIMCom? Tao Yang summarized it as “early mover and one-stop solutions”. According to him, SIMCom started to develop in the 5G field as early as 2017. The company joined hands with GTI and became a 5G S-Module standard setting manufacturer. It took part in setting the 5G S-Module Hardware packaging standard and became one of the first to get the 5G License. On the eve of this year’s MWC Shanghai, SIMCom finished the real network signal test for its 5G module.

The other advantage of SIMCom is its ability to provide integrated solutions combining one-stop hardware + software+ secondary development. Tao Yang says that the cloud is directly implanted in SIMCom modules, which can respond to customer needs quickly. At the same time, cloud modules can provide remote device monitoring and diagnosis services, thereby reducing the cost of field service. SIMCom provides customers with an optimal perspective of the business side network, and supports fault location and delimitation, thereby improving the quality of network service. Meanwhile, SIMCom creates integrated services covering the platform, traffic and terminal, and supports quick equipment linking, providing one-stop intelligent module services for end users.


Tao Yang has been exploring the IoT industry for many years. Now he is becoming well-known as an industry leader. Summing up his past experience, he concluded that to lead in the 5G era, SIMCom need return to the most original products. Only when the product is truly good, can the brand last long. The company will continue to advance in the 5G field in four aspects, i.e. product quality, cost, service and innovation. SIMCom products cover a wide range, involving various industries, from the GSM/GPRS (2G) series, UMTS/HSPA+ series, LTE series, NB-IOT to 5G and GNSS. The product lines and functions are complete. Moreover, the company’s future product development is well-planned, which can meet the needs in different industries.


{C}- {C}In terms of quality, SIMCom has its own product quality control system. Every link is under strict control, from research and development to production, which can upgrade continuously as the product iterations go on.


{C}- {C}In terms of cost, SIMCom insists on providing cost-effective products for users. Product prices are constantly optimized in product R&D, design and the supply chain, while ensuring product performance.


{C}- {C}In terms of service, SIMCom has adjusted its sales team’s organizational structure this year; global pre-sales and after-sales positions have been reassigned; more technicians have been stationed in factories to assist in user testing, solving problems for customers without delay; more offices have been set up in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and southwest China to better serve customers.


{C}- {C}In terms of innovation, SIMCom always puts innovation first. Its R&D centers in Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenyang have a R&D staff of more than 500. Since 2002, SIMCom has accumulated rich R&D experience and technical strength in 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies.



In the past more than ten years, SIMCom has been leading the global IoT module industry, with its sales ranking first in the world for many years. It’s also the earliest Chinese module manufacturer to participate in the global competition and enter the European and American markets. SIMCom has become the most famous brand in the industry. At last, Tao Yang affirmed that SIMCom has the confidence and ability to usher in the 5G era and lead a new era.


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