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SIMCom and SIMO to Launch Industry-first Global Connected Module

2024-01-15 18:03:23

San Francisco, CA, January 4, 2024 — SIMCom, a leading communication module provider, and SIMO, a global mobile data connectivity provider, have announced a strategic partnership to launch a connected module that can be leveraged by manufacturers of routers, consumer premise equipment (CPE), notebooks, mobile hotspots, IoT devices and other products requiring a reliable mobile data connection. Routers and other products can now utilize this module’s built-in 4G Wireless WAN (WWAN) solution as a primary connection or backup to wired WAN connection, ensuring fast and reliable internet access for various scenarios in offices, commercial premises, retail stores, homes, RVs, and boats.“SIMO is thrilled to collaborate with SIMCom on their new SIM6600 M2 module. For the first time ever, a 4G module is bundled together with SIMO’s local multi-carrier mobile data access with coverage in over 130 countries, providing unmatched wireless redundancy and multi-carrier domestic footprint. This module, with SIMO Inside, is the building block on which many new products such as laptops or fixed wireless routers can be created,” said Ludovic Lassauce, Chief Product Officer of SIMO.


SIMCom’s SIM6600-M2

The partnership leverages SIMCom’s SIM6600-M2, a 4G LTE Cat.7 smart module with global coverage and abundant software functions, and SIMO’s SIMO Inside® connectivity, a patented technology that provides on-demand, always-available local connectivity from the network with the strongest signal. The wireless WAN solution offers seamless technology deployment, improved user experiences, reduced latency and cost, and stronger performance on 4G in over 130 countries.


The SIMCom SIM6600-M2, compatible with LTE and UMTS networks around the world, is also an ideal solution for laptops and IoT devices serving high-speed mobile internet requirements with a stronger uplink channel for unified communication or file transfer to the cloud and overall stronger performances.


Free Data with SIMO Inside®

For a limited time, SIMCom and SIMO are offering an allocation of free mobile data to customers who purchase and integrate the SIM6600-M2 into their products. For details of this offer, please contact SIMCom or SIMO to discuss your project.


SIMCom and SIMO are also collaborating on more 4G/5G solutions, aiming to provide more advanced and innovative wireless WAN and fixed wireless access (FWA) solutions for the global router market. The partnership marks a milestone in the wireless module industry, opening a breadth of opportunities for different applications, such as home and office internet access, backup, point of sale (POS), automotive and other high bandwidth applications.


“4G/5G are gathering momentum as they become increasingly recognized as an appealing option for connecting many diverse types of IoT devices. We’re keen to help enable FWA markets with our 4G/5G modules. We’re excited to work with SIMO to enable its network deployment and free mobile data solutions, to provide more innovative connectivity solutions for global customers. We believe that the development of the FWA ecosystem is accelerating as a result of our collaboration with SIMO and our ongoing support for downstream application innovation in medium-and high-speed IoT scenarios,” said Jay He, VP of International Sales Department of SIMCom.


For manufacturers interested in integrating SIMO Inside® and exploring the potential of SIMCom’s SIM6600-M2, join us at CES 20243, where live demonstrations and in-depth discussions will showcase the transformative power of this partnership.


About SIMO

SIMO, Inc. (SIMO), founded and headquartered in Silicon Valley, emerged in response to the universal challenge faced by smart device users: the need for on-demand, fast, secure, and reliable mobile Internet connections worldwide. After years of dedicated research and development to tackle this issue, SIMO introduced the Solis hotspot family of products, utilizing xSIM technology to provide fast and secure mobile Internet access in over 135 countries. SIMO’s innovative approach allows users to enjoy mobile data on-demand through multiple network partners for a flat rate—no contracts, physical SIM cards, or unexpected charges. SIMO’s Solis global hotspots, embedded with xSIM, offer unlimited mobile Wi-Fi in 135+ countries. SIMO’s xSIM technology extends beyond individual users, providing global mobile data access to Notebooks, Tablets, IoT, Automotives and wearables without complex integration requirements. As we continue to expand through new local carrier partnerships globally, SIMO remains dedicated to enhancing connectivity experiences.


About SIMCom

As a global communication module provider, SIMCom has been committed to providing a variety of cellular wireless modules and solutions including 5G, 4G, LPWA, LTE-A, smart module, automotive module, and GNSS for more than 20 years. With more than 50 offices across the globe, SIMCom provides advanced products and high-quality services to more than 10,000 global customers in more than 180 countries and regions. In the future SIMCom will actively promote edge network solutions and business model innovation, leading the rapid development of the wireless module industry.

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