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SIMCom Modules Empowered Highly Adaptive Robotic Vehicles

At MWC Barcelona 2024, all eyes were on the highly adaptive robotic vehicle (HARV)  powered by SIM7600 technology, showcased at the SIMCom booth Hall 1 B20. The highly adaptive robotic vehicle's compact design from GaurdBot enables seamless navigation in any environment, offering 360-degree mobility and remote-control adaptability. Its swift acceleration on land and smooth amphibious movements makes it highly agile and effective.

Case Description

This integration ensures seamless communication and control, empowering operators to maneuver the ball along predefined routes, monitor perimeters, and detect intruders with utmost precision. The SIM7600 products are instrumental in enabling key features such as high-definition video streaming, remote operation, and real-time monitoring.


Highly Adaptive Robotic Vehicle with SIM7600 at MWC Barcelona 2024

SIMCom Module Advantages

The SIM7600 module stands out as a multi-band LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE module solution in an SMT type. It supports LTE CAT1, delivering data transfer speeds of up to 10Mbps. With its advanced features, the module ensures seamless highly adaptive robotic vehicle’s data transmission, facilitating real-time monitoring and precise control, even in challenging environments. As such, it serves as the cornerstone of the highly adaptive robotic vehicle's functionality.


Moreover, the SIM7600 product line's robust extension capabilities, including UART, USB2.0, GPIO interfaces, enhance the highly adaptive robotic vehicle 's versatility. These interfaces provide seamless integration with a diverse array of sensors, cameras, communication, and navigation subsystems, allowing for a comprehensive surveillance solution tailored to meet the demands of modern security challenges.

(source: GuardBot)


Manual control options from computer keyboard, voice control and gamedpad control.

Operators are empowered with a range of manual control options, including computer keyboard, voice control, and gamepad control, facilitated by the SIM7600 module. This level of control ensures agility and responsiveness in dynamic surveillance situations, enabling operators to effectively navigate the highly adaptive robotic vehicle through complex environments with precision and ease.


Let's explore the extensive array of applications where this innovative combination excels. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of SIM7600G and the versatile functionality of the highly adaptive robotic vehicle, a multitude of possibilities emerges, spanning across diverse industries and scenarios.


In logistics applications, Highly Adaptive Robotic Vehicles (HARVs) offer real-time visualization of goods and materials, enhancing productivity while minimizing human effort. Deployable in warehouses, factories, or outdoor settings, our robots streamline operations and optimize logistics processes. These features empower HARV robots to efficiently collect data, communicate with other devices, and navigate various environments.


Beyond security and logistics, highly adaptive robotic vehicle finds application in assisted living homes, providing invaluable support and assistance to residents and their families. These robots can monitor accommodations, track vital signs, and even offer companionship. By integrating technology into the healthcare industry, we aspire to elevate the quality of life for individuals in assisted living facilities.


Looking ahead, SIMCom's 5G & Smart Module promises to further elevate the capabilities of the highly adaptive robotic vehicle. With reduced latency, increased data rates, and enhanced imaging, this module opens up new possibilities for advanced applications in highly adaptive robotic vehicles. We believe that in future collaborations, there will be even more opportunities to leverage these advancements and innovate further.

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