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SIMCom NB-IoT Module SIM7020G Earns GCF Certification

2019-07-25 14:52:00

After SIMCom LPWA modules SIM7000E and SIM7000G earned GCF certification in succession, another LPWA module SIM7020G also successfully earned GCF certification recently. This indicates that SIMCom LPWA modules have stable performance, strong market competitiveness and a leading position in the field of LPWAN technology. We believe this is undoubtedly good news to customers in North America, South America, Europe and other regions where GCF certification is a prerequisite.


Now, let me explain what GCF is!


GCF (Global Certification Forum) since 1999 is an organization formed by network operators and terminal manufacturers to ensure global terminal interoperability through an independent certification process. Currently, GCF has 315 members from major operators, manufacturers and the testing industry. It is also working with industry partners on 5G and IoT connectivity. With the continuous development of the certification program, GCF has recently added 5G, oneM2M, c-v2x RSP, MCPTT and other items. GCF provides IoT with reliable mobile data connectivity, making the organization more competitive.




As a NB-IoT module of SIMCom, SIM7020G adopts LCC+LGA packaging. It supports most global bands, including B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B66/B70/B71/B85* (*: in plan). Its dimensions are 17.6*15.7*2.3mm, which is ideal for compact product design. Installed with various ports, such as UART/GPIO/ADC/USB/SIM/I2C/SPI, it’s flexible to use and easy to integrate. SIM7020G is compatible with SIM800C, so it supports a smooth transition from 2G to NB-IoT for users.


In addition, SIM7020G meets the 3GPP Rel-14 specs. With such advantages as wide coverage, low power consumption, low latency and low throughput, it can be widely used in smart meters, remote control, smart homes, smart cities, smart farming and other sectors.


With the advent of explosive growth in the LPWAN market, as a leader in the industry, SIMCom will constantly improve its technological innovation capacity while expanding vertical industries, to meet customer demands, enhance market competitiveness for customers, and work with partners from all walks of life to promote the development of the IoT era.


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