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Revolutionizing Smart Farming with Centimeter-Level Accuracy SIM66D(-R) GNSS Module

The integration of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology into various industries has opened up new avenues for precision and efficiency. A key player in this realm is the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS solution, renowned for its centimeter-level accuracy. The SIM66D(-R) RTK GNSS modules from SIMCom exemplify this high-precision technology, addressing challenges in smart farming, particularly in the areas of autonomous lawn mowers and drones.

Case Description

High-Precision Positioning for Lawn Mowers

Traditional lawn mowers lack positioning capabilities and often rely on buried wire systems. These systems present several issues, including complex deployment, low mowing efficiency, and high maintenance costs. However, with SIMCom's SIM66D(-R) RTK GNSS modules, these pain points can be effectively resolved.


The SIM66D(-R) RTK GNSS module provides centimeter-level positioning accuracy, systematically guiding robotic lawn mowers to ensure they do not mow the same spot twice. This eliminates the need for boundary wires, saving time and energy while protecting your lawn. Commercial landscaping companies can leverage robotic equipment to address labor shortages and drive business growth. Due to its compact size of 16*12.2*2.4 mm, the SIM66D(-R) module offers extensive capabilities, making it perfect for applications where space is at a premium. This ensures that the lawn mower maintains accurate positioning information in real-time, achieving precision from meter-level down to centimeter-level.


Smart and Efficient UAV Operations

The SIM66D(-R) module supports UAVs in acquiring centimeter-level positioning information in real-time, enabling precise flight missions. The application of drones has expanded beyond aerial photography and entertainment into sectors such as agricultural and forestry protection.


The SIM66D(-R) module is crafted for excellence, delivering superior sensitivity, pinpoint accuracy, and rapid Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF). Combining advanced AGNSS technology with GNSS Low Power (GLP) mode, the SIM66D(-R) achieves high performance with low power consumption, fully meeting industrial standards. This allows the module to quickly acquire a position fix, even at lower signal levels, ensuring efficient operation for UAVs that require long battery life and high reliability. UAVs equipped with the SIM66D(-R) can perform tasks such as spraying pesticides, seeds, and powders, thereby fulfilling diverse agricultural needs, improving productivity, and facilitating large-scale farming. The SIM66D(-R) module, with its compact design, ultra-low power consumption, and advanced AGNSS technology, is well-suited for applications requiring both high performance and energy efficiency.



The adoption of RTK GNSS solutions, such as the SIM66D(-R), is transforming the landscape of smart farming. Whether through autonomous lawn mowers or advanced UAVs, centimeter-level accuracy ensures that these technologies perform their tasks with unprecedented precision and efficiency. As the applications of GNSS continue to evolve,SIMCom promises to further revolutionize agricultural practices and beyond, offering sustainable and scalable solutions for modern industries.

SIMCom Module Advantages

SIM66D(-R) is a high performance and reliable GNSS module. It is a standalone L1 +L5 dual-band GNSS module in a LCC, which allows customer to achieve industry's high level sensitivity, accuracy, and Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF) with lower power consumption.


SIM66D(-R) provides simultaneous GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou , Galileo QZSS open service L1 reception capability and GPS, BeiDou,Galileo,QZSS and NAVIC open service L5 reception capability.

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