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Sunsea AIoT: The Era of AIoT Is on the Way

2019-07-03 14:59:00

On June 27, Sunsea AIoT launched its latest futuristic products after the surprising launch of its latest 5G products at MWC19 the day before. At this launch event, the products were unveiled jointly by Sunsea AIoT executive vice president Mr. Li Bin, NVIDIA AI CITY LEAD Mr. Zhang Hui, DIDI AI LAB’s chief scientist of intelligent control Mr. Tang Jian and YISA vice president Mr. Yao Wei.



Mr. Li Bin’s briefing about the products made us aware that AI technology has been integrated into our life. Based on its AI core, Sunsea AIoT constantly perfects its one-stop AIoT solution by combining edge data with the cloud, to lead the era of 5G and develop more flexible and intelligent AI products.

With the commercialization of 5G technologies, AIoT will grow rapidly. There will be unimaginable new applications in the future. As the first AIoT leader to propose the concept of “cloud+ terminal”, Sunsea AIoT debuted two hard-core AI terminals during MWC19, namely the vehicle-mounted AI edge computing terminal and AI video edge computing terminal. Moreover, Sunsea AIoT Software Center’s general manager Zhang Hongzhong unveiled the AI Urban Nerve Center, which is the Software Center’s smartest innovative product and the latest and most powerful AI perception platform. The unveiling of the three new products triggered an AIoT boom. All the guests and journalists present showed great interest.


As the dividends of the mobile Internet is fading, information technology is experiencing a gradual transition to IoT. The future belongs to IoT and AI. Sunsea AIoT will forge ahead in the 5G boom and embrace the arrival of the AIoT era.

About Sunsea AIoT
Sunsea AIoT Technology Co., Ltd. (Sunsea AIoT for short, stock code: 002313) is a company controlled by Fusion Group. Founded in 2004, Sunsea AIoT is committed to becoming a leader in the field of AIoT. The company provides domestic and foreign operators, ICT equipment suppliers, system integrators and users in all sectors with advanced IoT “cloud + terminal”, cloud video, data center, wireless communication, wired broadband and new energy/energy saving products and solutions. Since 2016, it has been focusing on globalization and implemented proactive extensive development. By merging with and acquiring the module makers Longsung and SIMCom, Sunsea AIoT has become the AIoT company with the largest module shipments in the world. By introducing the Alya could platform with the highest IoT security level in the world, and coupling it with innovative AI technology, Sunsea AIoT has become the world’s first “cloud+ terminal” ecological IoT company equipped with AI.

About SIMCom
SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co.,Ltd, Holding subsidiary of SUNSEA AIOT (002313.SZ), It is global leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless modules and solutions supplier, Since established in 2002, SIMCom has been fully committed to provide a variety of wireless technology platform modules and terminal level solutions around the world, such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Automotive, TE-M(CAT-M1), NB-IoT cellular communication and GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU satellite positioning technology.

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