Fresh Report of SIMCom in IoT World
2019-05-23 15:09:00

IoT World 2019 officially kicked off on May 13th at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, USA. This year's theme was "The Intersection of Industries and IoT Innovation." Itwas evident from the presentations and on-site product demonstrations that the large-scale commercialization and acceleration of 5G and AI technologies had entered into a faster development period. As the worlds global leading module supplier,SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. (a SUNSEA AIOT company)participated as a sponsor and showcased a variety of new IoT products including the latest Qualcomm-based 5G modules, LTE-A, Smart modules, C-V2X, and LPWA solutions that included Cat-M1, NB1 and NB2.



SIMCom team at IOT World (from left): Michael Zhang, Michael Mao, Martin Chang, Alex Gajano, Austin Li.


The rapid developments of IoT and new business models have brought along with them new opportunities and challenges. SIMComcontinues toincrease its core competencies in this area by creating new and innovative solutions for of 5G and AI across a variety of vertical and horizontal markets.


SIMCom is thecore member of the GTI 5G Universal Module Program which helps to define the 5G Universal Module and promote the future direction of the 5G industry. In addition to establishing a 5G R&D Center in Chongqing, SIMCom also recently launched the SIM8200 module series which based on Qualcomm's latest 5G NR Snapdragon X55 5G modem.Not only does it use a 7-nanometer single chip design to support cellular generations from 2G through 5G, but it also supports simultaneous multi-mode for both 5G and sub-6GHz. Additionally, it supports a maximum rate of LTE UE (User Equipment) Category 22, 5G standalone (SA) as well as non-standalone (NSA) modes of operation. In 5G mode, users can expect blazing download speeds of 7Gbps, and uploads of 3Gbps. Key target markets and applications include fixed wireless access, mobile hotspot devices, and public safety and security surveillance applications.     



After the launch of the CAT6 high-speed module SIM7906E-M2 and the CAT12 high-speed module SIM7912G-M2, SIMCom has introduced a CAT20 high-speed module SIM7920G-M2.The SIM7920G-M2 is Multi-Band LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA+ module solution in a M.2 type which supports LTE CAT20 up to 2.0Gbps data transfer. It has strong extension capability with rich interfaces including UART, USB3.0 and GPIO among others. The module provides flexibility and ease of integration for customer's application. AT commands of the SIM7920G-M2 are compatible with SIM7912, SIM7906, and SIM7600 module series lowering customer development costs and providing a quicker launch to market.



Asone of the leaders in the IoT module space, SIMCom is highly experienced with US market requirements that include regulatory and carrier certifications. As such, SIMCom has a full lineup of NB, Cat-M1, CAT1, CAT3, CAT4, and smart modules certified by the US carriers that include AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The latest smart module SIM8905A was recently certified by AT&T and on display at the show. The SIM8905A is a multi-mode smart module based on the Qualcomm MSM8909 and features low-power consumption, high throughput, high integration, and a rich interface. Key markets for the SIM8905A include automotive, security, retail and other fields.






According to research data from analyst firm Ovum, connected IoT devices will reach 23 billion pcs by 2023 and revenue will jump to $860 billion USD during that same period. With such a large anticipated growth it is important now more than ever to select a module provider that will not only view you as a partner, but one that will be able to scale and keep pace for years to come. SIMCom will continue to increase investments in not only R&D and module innovations, but also keep pace with the latest trends to support the needs of our customers worldwide.