SIMCom NB-IoT series products have obtained Deutsche Telekom certification
2019-02-28 15:24:00

Germany is the first country in the world to include IoT construction into its national strategy. The industry 4.0, which began with smart metering, has already implied future connections between the country and NB-IoT technology.

Deutsche Telekom AG, as one of the leading European telecommunications operators, has become a pioneer in the development of NB technology in Europe since the birth of NB-IoT. In October 2016, Deutsche Telekom AG activated the world’s first NB-IoT network that meets the 3GPP standard; in June 2017, Deutsche Telekom first launched the NB-IoT tariff package; in June 2018, Deutsche Telekom, in collaboration with Vodafone, completed the first NB-IoT international roaming test in Europe. There is no doubt that Deutsche Telekom is one of Europe’s leading telecommunications operators with a comprehensive technical and business understanding of NB-IoT networks.



SIMCom currently offers three main NB-IoT products for European customers, namely the SIM7020E based on the MTK platform, and the SIM7000E andSIM7000G based on the Qualcomm platform. All three products have undergone rigorous testing of key software technologies, network supporting capacity and hardware capabilities, and have obtained Deutsche Telekom certification. SIMCom’s NB-IoT module is able to provide reliable and stable communication services in the Deutsche Telekom network, and also exhibits their considerable technical capabilities and outstanding quality control strength in the communication module industry.



The SIM7000E is a multi-frequency, multi-mode LPWA wireless module, with SMT package, and data transmission speeds of up to 66Kbps. The SIM7000E has a wealth of interfaces, including UART, USB2.0 and GPIO, which results in remarkable expansibility, providing great convenience for user’s product development. The SIM7000G is a global version that provides more band frequency support, and is more adaptable to roaming scenarios such as global logistics tracking. In addition to NB-IoT, SIM7000 series products can also support eMTC technology.


The SIM7020 is a multi-band NB-IoT wireless communication module, packaged in a 42 PIN LCC and is compatible with the SIM800C module. It reduces the research and development time of customers and speeds up the launch of customer products. It is an excellent solution for low-power consumption and low-throughput applications, and is ideal for IoT applications such as metering, remote control, asset locating, remote supervision, remote medical treatment and bicycle sharing.