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SIM7000A MR Obtained Certification from AT&T

2018-12-12 15:59:00


In 2019, the trialing of 5G commercialization will be implemented, application and service will be developed rapidly, ecological sector will prosper, and the industry will be ready for development. In order to promote the implementation of technical standards, promote industrial chain cooperation, and to benefit the ecological prosperity. As the core application scenario of the Internet of Things technology and 5G, Intelligent Connected Vehicle has become one of the main focuses in the industry. In order to explore the future development of Intelligent Connected Vehicle, and how to build an ecosystem under 5G more rapidly, the Shanghai Internet of Things Industry Association united National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Shanghai) Demonstration Zone to jointly hold the Smart Transportation and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Summit Forum themed “IOVing, seize the opportunity of 5G technology” in Baoshan Xinyefang-Yuanchuang on December 12th, 2018, to discuss the future development of the IOV (Internet of Vehicle) with specialists from all walks of life across the industry chain. As the leading enterprise of domestic IOV modules, SIMCom was present at the forum, and its CTO Luo Xiaoyan was also invited to attend the forum and delivered a wonderful keynote speech on the topic of “V2X to enable automatic driving for Intelligent Connected Vehicle”.



Luo Xiaoyan, CTO of SIMCom, said that the traditional automobile industry is undergoing tremendous changes. The combination of automobiles and new technologies has become a main focus of the industry. From the perspective of future development of the vehicle, a single car intelligence cannot meet the automatic driving safety standards of the car. Therefore, the cooperative sensing ability, the information networking capability and the self-sensing capability have been widely recognized as the two technical foundations of the future Intelligent Connected Vehicle. For this, SIMCom will launch the Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X-based module solution - SIM8100 car-level module, and will cooperate with partners to develop OBU and RSU solutions. Additionally, we will have a professional technical team to serve customers in the IOV market, providing customers with professional, timely and high-quality technical services to ensure that the products will be available as soon as possible, and hope to promote the C-V2X commercialization process together with industry partners and make our own contribution to the Intelligent Connected Vehicle.



The SIM8100 C-V2X module is designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with the IATF16949:2016 automotive industry quality management system standard. The module package is packaged in LGA and supports C-V2X PC5 direct communication mode (V2V, V2I, V2P), built-in GNSS, QDR3. 0 function, support no SIM card operation, can work in ITS5.9GHz-B47, B46 frequency band, working temperature can reach -40~85 °C, to ensure that the module can work steadily and reliably under the harsh environment of the car.


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