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SIMCom's SIM7600SA is certified by Telstra Australia

2018-12-06 15:59:00

On November 26, SIMCom’s SIM7600SA officially passed the Australian Telstra certification. The SIM7600SA supports CAT1 and is currently used in medical and health, smart agriculture, public network intercom, environment monitoring, energy monitoring, fleet management, intelligent industry and other application scenarios.

The SIM7600SA is a multi-mode module for Australia, New Zealand, South America and other regions. It is packaged in LCC and supports the following frequency bands:



 The SIM7600SA measures 30*30*2.9mm and weighs 5.7g. It supports LTE CAT1, with an up-link transmission rate of 5Mbps and a down-link rate of 10Mbps.

The SIM7600SA has a rich network protocol that supports TLS, TTS (voice broadcast), audio recording and playback, DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency), LBS (location of base station), remote upgrade (FOTA), interference detection among other software features and drivers. In terms of hardware, it supports UART, USB, SD card, I2C, GPIO and other interfaces, which are suitable for various compact product design requirements in the M2M field.

Previously, the multi-module SIM7000E of SIMcom’s Qualcomm Platform had been certified by Telstra Australia, and is widely used in meters, smart agriculture, environmental monitoring, asset tracking, remote monitoring, medical health, and the shared economy. Now the SIM7600SA will join the SIM7000E in the Australian market, and actively promote the construction and development of the local Internet of Things industry.


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