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MWC Vision: SIMCom together with"MOMODA" massage chair shining on MWCA

2018-09-14 15:59:00

2017 was the beginning of the sharing economy. Since then, numerous sharing economies have emerged, such as shared bicycles, umbrellas, charging stations, and massage chairs, all of which have gradually entered our lives. At the World Communication Conference, SIMCom unveiled the MOMODA shared massage chair, equipped with a SIMCom 4G module SIM7500A.


The popular MOMODA flagship product, attracted large crowds to the SIMcom booth 


The “superstar” of the core SIMcom booth was the MOMODA flagship terminal RT6037W, which is upgraded from the MOMODA core terminal. Its 3D movement simulates the kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and massage techniques of professional masseurs, to help the user relieve muscle soreness, eliminate fatigue, accelerate blood circulation, and obtain physical and mental relaxation through specific procedures.



In addition, the flagship terminal has the following 5 innovative functions:

★ Selected texture

Three-dimensional dot PU grid + lychee brown coffee color + Hermès orange decorative strip

★ Saving space

Takes up 25% less floor space compared to RT6900W

★ Online manipulation adjustment

Three mode options: respite - relieving pressure - shoulder and neck

Three force regulation: large - medium - small

★Additional charging service

Customers can enjoy a free charging service while they relax, IOS and Android mobile phones are supported.

★ Occupant reminder function 

A warning alert tone is set for long-term occupancy



The growth rate of shared massage chairs is rising considerably

Production costs for the shared massage chair are low, meaning it is also cheap to operate and more accessible. Not only can it be applied to common public areas, but also hotel rooms and movie theaters. According to the "2018 China shared massage chair industry analysis report - market depth research and development prospects" released by Insight & Info, the popularity of the shared massage chair is due to four factors: mobile payment of unmanned devices, health aspect to consumers, upgraded consumption forms and large reconstruction of consumption areas.

Statistics and Forecast of Market Size of Chinese Massage Apparatus Industry in 2012-2018


Source: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd


According to the "2018-2023 China Massage Equipment Industry Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities Research Report" published by the China Business Research Institute, the growth rate of the domestic massage equipment industry was in decline between 2013 to 2016, but from 2016 to 2018, growth rates have continued to rise, and the size of the domestic massage appliance industry is expected to reach 12.7 billion in 2018. The shared massage chair is still in the early stages of development, therefore, there is still plenty of room for development in the future.


SIMCom 4G module helps MOMODA to independently develop shared massage chairs


Regarding shared massage chairs, the operating platform incorporates both self-operated and third-party components. The former supports profitable operations based on self-produced chairs, while the latter supports marketing of commercially available massage chairs based on the strategic cooperation with manufacturers. The MOMODA shared massage chairs exhibited at MWCA2018 are self-operated.


Shared massage chair business model map         Data source: public information


The SIM7500A message chair is a CAT1 module in an LGA package. The uplink and downlink transmission rates are 5Mbps and 10Mbps respectively. The size is 24*27*2.75mm. It provides rich hardware interface and supports GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo*, upgrade via USB, and support FOTA at the same time.


SIM7500 supports multiple software protocols and secondary development to promote MOMODA APP development

There are currently over a dozen shared massage chair brands on the market, most of which adopt a direct scan code payment. MOMODA, however has developed its own app. According to the results of the five platforms of the Sootoo Institute in 360 Mobile Assistant, Myapp, Huawei AppGallery, Pea pods and Baidu Mobile Assistant, the cumulative download volume of the MOMODA APP has reached 448,000.



The sharing economy has the potential to change our consumption habits, making our daily lives more convenient and comfortable. In shared fields, such as bicycles, soybean milk machine, toy machine, and the shared coffee machine and massage chair exhibited at MWCA2018, SIMCom has a wealth of experience and customer resources. In the future, SIMCom will be closer to consumer needs, and will embrace the golden age of the Internet of Things with our customers!


Shanghai Shaoxi Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015, Shanghai Shaoxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative O2O company, formed under the background of mobile internet. Shanghai Shaoxi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company Rongtai Health Technology, and provides health and stress relief services to people mainly through self-developed software platforms to integrate hardware products. At present, it has covered airports, high-speed rail stations, cinemas, shopping malls, hotels, CBDs and other channels in more than 360 cities across the country.

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