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SIMCom Made an Impressive Appearance at the Computing Conference-Chongqing Summit

2018-09-05 15:59:00

On August 24, the Computing Conference-Chongqing Summit was held in Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center. Together with the Smart China Expo, this summit, themed on “Digital Powered China”, focused on Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, and other industries, depicted the development trends and blueprints for new technologies, demonstrated the booming ecological panorama of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. The summit also explored the road of digital transformation of enterprises, assisted the development of the economic belt of the Yangtze River, accelerated industrial upgrading, fostered new kinetic energy through informationization to promote new development, and created new glory in new development.



SIMCom attended the conference with its full range of module products including NB-IoT, 4G, 3G, 2G, and GNSS series, among which, the SIM7000 series and SIM7020 series of NB-IoT modules and the SIM7600 series of 4G moduleswere well received. The SIM7600 series has been accepted by Aliyun.




The SIM7600 series is available in an LCC package measuring 30*30*2.9mm and weighing 5.7g. It supports LTE CAT4 with an uplink transmission rate of 50Mbps and a downlink transmission rate of 150Mbps. In terms of software, with rich built-in network protocols, SIM7600CE supports TLS, TTS (text to sound), audio recording and playback, DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency), LBS (location of base station), FOTA (firmware over-the-air), interference detection and other software features and a multitude of drives. In terms of hardware, SIM7600CE supports UART, USB, SD card, I2C, GPIO, and other interfaces, suitable for the design requirements of various compact products in M2M, such as intelligent security, smart home, asset tracking, fleet management, etc. 



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