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SIMCom to support integrated nuSIM for IoT

2020-04-21 14:39:09

With the development of the Internet and telecommunications, IoT has been in a booming period and is becoming increasingly involved with our life, e.g. in smart payment, smart city, smart transportation, etc. But there are still enormous challenges around the design, development and deployment of devices and services for IoT. Smaller form factors and richer functions are required, while at the same time the solutions should be inexpensive and support a long battery life.


The classic SIM card needs a relatively big space and power consumption is rather high. If we turn to Embedded SIM, there is a significant overhead in cost and complexity. So, how can we combine long battery life, the smallest form factor and overall cost-efficiency? The solution is nuSIM, which is now being implemented by SIMCom Wireless Solutions for several future modules.


What is nuSIM? It is a ground-breaking solution developed by Deutsche Telekom in a joint industry initiative. It moves the SIM functionality from the physical SIM card directly to the chipset. nuSIM combines modem and SIM on the same silicon, therefore providing a minimum hardware and software footprint for cost-efficient implementations with minimal power consumption. nuSIM is specifically designed for low-cost devices used in mobile IoT applications with a long life-span, such as asset trackers or connected sensors of any kind. nuSIM enabled modules will be commercially available in the 2nd half of 2020.


nuSIM increases simplicity, opens new design options and saves costs, thus brings benefits for all participants in the value chain. For example, device vendors do not need to keep stock of SIM cards. IoT service providers save costs and time due to simplified processes. Furthermore, device size is reduced and battery life extended.


SIMCom Wireless Solutions Limited, a subsidiary of publicly traded SUNSEA AIOT (002313.SZ) is a global leader in the cellular and GNSS module space. Since its founding in 2002, SIMCom has pioneered leading wireless cellular module and terminal solutions based on Narrowband, 2G/3G, LPWA, 4G LTE, Smart Modules, C-V2X, 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI). SIMCom prides itself on delivering not only the highest quality modules with the greatest economic value, but on providing customers of all sizes with exceptional customer support and ease of integration.


For more information, you can visit SIMCom's WebsiteLinkedInTwitter and Facebook.


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